Jul 022015
Driver Throws ‘Happy Birthday’ Celebration For Van Passing 100,000 Miles

It’s always an exciting moment when your car passes a milestone. Bludgeoned Guitarist was driving his trusty truck when it was about to pass the 100,000 mile mark. So he and his buddy got ready with birthday hats and horns, and threw a very mild birthday party for his truck. This video has gone viral with over a quarter million hits!


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Jun 282015
Samsung Projects Oncoming Traffic Onto Rear Of Semi-Truck To Reduce Car Accidents

Almost one person dies every hour in Argentina from a traffic accident. This usually occurs when someone tries to pass the car in front of them on a two way road. To battle this epidemic, Samsung of Argentina devised a genius solution: a semi-truck that projects oncoming traffic onto the rear of the truck so motorists can see when it is safe to overtake. This video has gone viral with over 1.5 million views!


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May 302015
Alligator VS Truck Has Surprise Ending

The alligator has one of the most powerful jaws in the animal kingdom. Once they bite down on their prey there is little hope for escape. One truck driver learned this the hard way. Keet246 had a stand off with a gator hiding in the tall grass while he was driving his truck. He thought there was nothing to worry about as he was in his safe truck. That’s when the gator chomped down on the truck’s front bumper and instantly tore it to shreds. This shocking nature video has gone viral this weekend with over 4 million views!


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Apr 042015
Driver Smashes Into Turkey On Highway

Scary Monstarr was driving down the highway on Thursday and had a rather unfortunate encounter with a wild turkey. While travelling at 95 mph while passing a semi-truck, a wild turkey ran across the road. The driver had no time to react and hit it directly head on

Thankfully, they were all OK inside the car, but their windshield was smashed pretty badly


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Mar 312015
Jeep Driver Escapes From Tow Truck

The only thing worse than getting a parking ticket is having your car towed. Now you’re stuck with the bill and you have no car. Tony Marengo is used to seeing cars illegally parked by the Walgreens in his Chicago neighborhood being towed. But he’s never seen a driver successfully escape the clutches of the tow truck! The question is, was the damage to the SUV worth the escape? 


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