Oct 122014
Fireplane Puts Out Semi-Truck Accident Fire

What does a firefighter do when there’s an accident in a remote area, and there’s no readily available water to put the fire out? The fire boss calls in a water drop on the area. Watch as this pilot performs a perfect water drop on a semi-truck accident fire that firefighters couldn’t suffocate on their on. Epic! 


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Oct 072014
Train Smashes Semi Truck Stuck On Train Tracks

It looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie or action packed TV show. But this is totally real life. While travelling through the small town of Mer Rouge, Louisiana, David and his friends watched in horror as a semi-truck hauling a giant crane became stuck on the train tracks. They could hear the train horn howling and could only watch as the train smashed through the truck like butter. 


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Sep 182014
Luxury Limo Van Is Pure Bliss

German luxury can maker Klassen specializes in luxury and premium van limousines for business. This model can actually stretch on command, and features a plethora of premium and high-end features. There are countless remote folding cubbies, screens, and even a secret safe to hide expensive goodies.


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Aug 082014
Cement Truck Keeps Driving After Rear Ending Car

YouTuber Jtocs saw the moment when a woman driving a sedan cut off a large cement truck. Bad move. The truck driver couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop in time and ended up rear-ending the car. But what was so weird was that the truck driver just kept on driving as if nothing had happened. What, indeed.

This video has gone viral with over 600,000 hits!


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Jul 272014
Semi-Truck Performs Perfect U-Turn

This video has exploded over the weekend with over 750,000 views so far! Driving a tractor trailer truck is nothing like driving a car. You’re basically operating a small train on wheels. That’s why this clip of a a semi-truck carrying fuel in Thailand performing a seemingly impossible U-turn has impressed the Web so much.


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