Dec 112013
Saw Blades And Hammers Ping Pong Paddle Trick

Back in October, Tumba Ping Pong Show exploded online with their impressive Ping Pong Paddle Knife Throwing Trick. Viewers were amazed, but skeptical of the viral video which stands with over 3 million views.

It just couldn’t be real. 

Then Captain Disillusion deconstructed the video, explaining how they faked the inconceivable knife throwing. 

But now, Tumba is back with a new ping pong paddle video, this time upping the ante.

Instead of just knives, the server lobs saw blades and hammers at his assistant. For the cheery, he even launches a hammer at a guy who looks strangely similar to Captain Disillusion. 

Could an Internet illusionists war be brewing?


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Nov 172013
Pet Rat Drinks From Tiny Cup

Minneapolis writer, comedian, and avid rat lover Moore Stuff has taught his pet rat an adorable trick. 

How to drink from a tiny cup the size of a thimble.  

After only three tries, Henry the rat has no problem grabbing an eye drop top full of milk from Moore and chugging it down without a spill. 


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Nov 112013
‘Wrong Ball’ Trick Play Touchdown

Quarterback Jahlil Pinkett of the JV football team at El Camino Real High School in Woodland Hills, California scored a trick touchdown fit for a Disney sports movie. 

After the snap on the first play of the game, Jahlil slowly stood up, turned towards the refs, and shouted, “wrong ball.”

The defense assumed the play was dead, giving Jahlil the opportunity to run the 80 yards for a long, yet easy, touchdown. 

But many commentors aren’t happy, and think the refs should have called killed the play for unsportsmanlike conduct. 

Maxprepssports posted the video online over the weekend, and now the clip has amassed over 1.5 million hits already!


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Nov 072013
Viral Ping Pong Knife Trick Explained

Almost exactly a month ago, Swedish YouTube channel Tumba Ping Pong Show exploded onto the viral video scene with their Ping Pong Paddle Knife Throwing Trick.

Online viewers were impressed to say the least, helping the clip amass over 2.5 million views.

But veteran Internet viewers were naturally skeptical. And for good reason. There was obviously something fake about the clip, though no one could put their finger on it. 

Until now. Finally, magician Captain Disillusion explains and deconstructs the entire knife trick in this new trending video


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Oct 292013
How To Make A Secret Cloaked Monitor Screen That Only You Can See

Tired of your coworkers or roommates looking over your shoulder at your computer screen?

Prominent online illusionist Brusspup has stepped forward to demonstrate how to make a secret, cloaked computer monitor that only the user can see with special polarizing glasses. 

Starting with a used monitor, he delicately removed the screen’s polarizing filter. Without it, all that the human eye can see is white.

He then simply outfitted a pair of glasses with new polarizing filters, and, viola, only the person wearing the special glasses can see what’s on screen!


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