Jun 142016
How To Make Tiny Coins Float On Water

Here’s a fun trick to show off to your friends. Using a special technique to lower them onto the water, Grant Thompson demonstrates how to make tiny 1 Yen coins float on water. It’s all about how your softly place them down. 


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Nov 252015
Smart Raven Messes With His Caretaker

Ravens are one of the smart birds in the animal kingdom. Mischief the White-Necked Raven is well trained and can make a bunch of different noises and sounds on command. He can even mimic human speech. Mischief is so smart, he messes with his caretaker in this viral video


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Nov 202015
Genius Uses Reverse Psychology To Have His Dog Take Medicine

Dogs are like kids. They always want what they can’t have and they hate taking their medicine. Realizing this, genius dog owner Fellipe Vilaca Chibante used simple reverse psychology to get his cute Dachshund dog to take his medicine. Just act like you’re eating something yummy, and don’t give any to your dog. They’ll be taking their medicine in no time! 


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