Apr 162014
How To Cut A Bunch Of Cherry Tomatoes At Once Hack

Life hacker DaveHax has gone viral with his latest quick and simple trick. Cutting cherry tomatoes is one of the most annoying and cumbersome jobs in the kitchen.

But now it doesn’t have to be thanks to this easy tip demonstrated by Dave. Simply sandwich the tomatoes between two plates, there should be a gap. Then, while holding the tomatoes snug, just cut through the gap. 

There, all your little cherry tomatoes are now cut!

Over the past week, the life hack video has amassed over one million hits!


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Mar 212014
Baseball Smasking Cake Trick Will Blow Your Mind

Special effects masters Tumba Ping Pong Show only need 20 seconds to blow your mind. 

In their latest piece, a pitcher throws a baseball towards a batter holding a ping pong paddle. The ball smashes a birthday cake and then the world is flipped upside down. 

What the heck just happened?


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Feb 272014
Secret Persuasion Mind Trick

In this video, Richard Wiseman of In 59 Seconds demonstrates a simple, yet powerful, persuasion mind trick

Researchers discovered when volunteers were asked for a large favor immediately, most refused. But when they agreed to a small favor, and after some time, were asked for a larger one, three quarters agreed to the larger request. 

Psychologist call this the ‘foot in the door effect.’ 


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