Jan 192012

This video has become a viral sensation, being viewed 1.3 million times in just a week and has been awarded a Bronze Trending YouTube medal. Down by two against Georgetown, LWC player Chase Spreen caught a rebound by the Georgetown basket with just seconds remaining. He only had time to step twice to the foul line, and threw a Hail Mary. Amazingly, he scored, winning the game. The crowd went wild, but the announcer is the one who really takes the cake. Read more on HuffingtonPost


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Jan 112012

A recent high school basketball game in Nebraska had a very ‘family movie style’ ending. Tied at the fourth quarter against Freeman, a Hadley player behind the basket threw over the board and somehow scored. Naturally, the crowd went nuts. The video is featured on BarStoolSports and YouTubeTrends


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Dec 212011

59 year old Brenda Hewett isn’t much of a hockey player, but that didn’t stop her from having the best Christmas in a long time thanks to her unknown hockey skills. After dropping down at her local Ford dealer, she commented on how she needed a new truck, but couldn’t afford it. The staff at Frenchie’s Ford told her about a hole in one hockey contest being held later for a new truck, and offered her to fill out a ballot.

Well, Brenda first was lucky enough to go first, and then, grasping a hockey stick for the first time, tapped the puck with perfection to slide into the tiny goal. Naturally, the crowd went wild! The video is featured on TheDailyWhat.


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Nov 282011

Every weekend there are countless popular football videos, but this week, there is one that stands separate from the rest. Marshal wide receiver Aaron Dobson showed why he deserves the title with an unbelievable backwards, one handed catch to tie the game 17-17 before halftime. Marshal ended up beating East Carolina 34-27.


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