Jun 192013

The Oakley Pro Bali surfing competition just started in Indonesia, and already one of the athletes has gone viral. John John Florence performed a jaw-dropping launch off of a large wave into the air. 

Not only does John seem to fly for a moment, but he doesn’t even touch his board for stability, a show of serious skill. 

All Oakley has to comment is, “10 point air. Nothing more to say.” 

Already, the new video has amassed over a quarter million hits


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Jun 192013

Most people can only do one thing, such as play the guitar or play basketball. You can be decent at both, but the odds are, you can’t meld your talents. 

That is, unless you are Ben Lapps

In his latest video, he dribbles a basketball and even scores a shot, all while playing a guitar solo on his acoustic. He’s so good, his dribbling is in perfect rhythm with his music. 


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Jun 182013

Dude Perfect is by far the web’s most popular and most talent trick shot crew. With each new episode, they raise the bar that much higher.

And their latest serving of trick shot deliciousness is one for the record books.

After being hooked up with a couple Fiat Abarth Cabrio 500‘s from Fiat, they performed a slew of mind-bending trick shots using the fast moving Arbarths as their dynamic targets. 

Music is Chainsaw by Family Force 5.


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Jun 182013

Trick shot videos are a dime a dozen online. Nearly every sport has a viral trick shot video where a slew of athletes perform cool and difficult tricks with their ball of choice. 

Coca Cola wanted to join the trick shot fun, so they commissioned this video where Coke lovers Shane and Collin put on a Rube Goldberg-style trick shot performance, launching over 60 ice cubes perfectly into classic Coke glasses in less than two minutes. 


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Jun 072013

After originally going viral, Trick Shot Titus has managed to stay in the spotlight thanks to his biggest fan Jimmy Kimmel.

To keep the ball literally rolling, Jimmy again invited Titus on his show to showoff his basketball skills, only this time he had to play world famous basketball star Shaquille O’Neal.

It’s the Clash of the Titus. The winner will surprise most. 


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