Nov 092012

Dude Perfect is without a question the most popular trick shot channel on YouTube. The athletes usually impress their fans with crazy, outrageous, and near impossible basketball shots. 

For their latest episode, they have mashed their favorite with a little baseball for a one of a kind trick shot video that is quickly going viralviral. 


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Sep 032012

David Wetherill from Britain played Thomasz Kusiak from Germany in table tennis at the Paralympic Games. After a good volley, it seemed like Wetherill was too far to the side to rebound after a slam by Kusiak.

But then Wetherill unexpectedly dove with nothing to catch his fall and scored the amazing point that got the announcers and crowd screaming. 


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Jul 192012

Internet famous trick shot group Dude Perfect teamed up with Team USA for a very special Olympics-themed trick shot video. The crew and athletes also made sure to have fun during filming. 

The video is covered by CBSNewsFeed, HuffPost, and RantSports


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Jun 282012

Trick shot videos come a dime a dozen. The real trick is to find an entertaining one that’s actually original. 

And a nine year old performing near impossible ping pong ball trick shots is definitely original. This kid is going to be a superstar in college when he’s finally old enough to play some beer pong. 


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