Feb 222012

This trick shot video published in the summer of 2010 just went viral now and is featured on YouTubeTrends. From the hangar in Basrah, Iraq, units of the 2515th Naval Air Ambulance Detachment make America proud with their sweet trick shot video. 


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Feb 012012

Who knew that billiards could be so cool. These professionals performs stunts and tricks that most couldn’t even think of let alone execute. The video is shared on Devour


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Jan 312012

Blake Griffin just went viral after slamming an ‘insane’ dunk over a very embarrassed Kendrick Perkins. Now, the  video has been viewed 1.7 million times in just two days and is featured on ESPNYouTubeTrends, and HuffingtonPost.


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Jan 192012

This video has become a viral sensation, being viewed 1.3 million times in just a week and has been awarded a Bronze Trending YouTube medal. Down by two against Georgetown, LWC player Chase Spreen caught a rebound by the Georgetown basket with just seconds remaining. He only had time to step twice to the foul line, and threw a Hail Mary. Amazingly, he scored, winning the game. The crowd went wild, but the announcer is the one who really takes the cake. Read more on HuffingtonPost


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