May 142012

There’s been a trick shot video for nearly every sport imaginable, but on the Internet, the envelope is always being pushed another step. 

So what is the latest trick shot video? Vinyl records. Just check out this video published by  that is already featured on TheDailyWhat and CollegeHumor


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Apr 032012

This Pride Of Iowa senior all star game scene has gone viral, amassing over one million view in just days, and being featured on HuffingtonPost, SportsGrid, and YouTubeTrends.

At the first play of the game, Collin Thomas caught the tip off, and set up a shotgun style play with his teammates, ‘snapping’ the ball to Bryce Carpenter. He then launched the ball for a seemingly short three, only for Van Haalen to catch the alley-oop and slam it in two-handed.  


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Apr 022012

The extreme trick shot basketball stars at Dude Perfect continue to take their crazy trick shots to the next level. For their 100th video, they took to a very official Goodyear blimp, and were of course, ‘Dude, perfect!’ in their blimp ride basket attempt. The video from the 29th is already nearing 500,000 views, and is featured on BusinessInsider, YouTubeTrends, and USAToday


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Mar 102012

We’ve seen countless trick shot videos, but this one is special. Most trick shots involve the athlete throwing a football, basketball, or even Frisbee, but Connor Powers takes things to the next level. 

The San Diego Padres minor-leaguer makes all of his trick baseball shots with his bat, and is even featured by YahooSports


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