Sep 092013
NERF Trick Shots

There’s just something about NERF that makes people want to play, throw, and attempt ridiculous trick shots.

So for their newest trick shot video, the bro sports enthusiasts at Dude Perfect featured all of their best NERF trick shots with familiar NERF footballs, toys, and mini-basketballs. 


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Sep 052013
98 Meter Basketball Trick Shot

Dude Perfect is YouTube’s most famous trick shot crew, but it looks like a new group of ballers are in town. Who Is Jimmy has just exploded onto the viral video stage with their new 98 Meter Basketball Trick Shot

Just since debuting on Monday, the video has already amassed over half a million views. The clip is also covered on DimeMag, NowMSN, YouTubeTrends, and DeadSpin


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Jul 312013

UK footballer Andrew Henderson is famous for his outrageous freestyle football (or soccer as we Yanks put it) skills. He recently demonstrated just how skilled he is around the streets of London with sports obsessed STRskillSchool recording all the action.

In less than a week, his Insane Football Skills video has amassed over 400,000 hits


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Jun 192013

The Oakley Pro Bali surfing competition just started in Indonesia, and already one of the athletes has gone viral. John John Florence performed a jaw-dropping launch off of a large wave into the air. 

Not only does John seem to fly for a moment, but he doesn’t even touch his board for stability, a show of serious skill. 

All Oakley has to comment is, “10 point air. Nothing more to say.” 

Already, the new video has amassed over a quarter million hits


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