Jan 092014
Marshmallow Trick Shots

There are countless trick shot videos online, but none like this new one by Kawirider338.

Jonah and his crazy friends perform a slew of marshmallow trick shots, tossing Jet Puffed marshmallows extreme distances and catching them in their mouths. 

They call it Shmallowing.

Some accuse them of faking the tricks, but they seem legit. What do you think?


Thanks Jonah!

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Jan 062014
Insane Street Soccer Skills

STR Skill School showcases the best football, or soccer as we call in the US, skills, and they truly lived up to their name with their latest viral video

Séan Garnier hit the streets of London and completely embarrasses volunteers who dare challenge him with a soccer ball. 

The video has over 600,000 views!


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Jan 012014
500 Foot Basket From Top Of Reunion Tower

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect took their antics to the next level in this latest video

With special permission, they took a daring basketball shot from the top of Reunion Tower in downtown Dallas, Texas. 

Incredibly, they scored!


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Dec 182013
Golf Shot Of The Year 2013

The Nailcote Hall Hotel believes this is the golf shot of the year. And few can argue with them. 

During the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championships at the hotel, Matt Wheatcroft’s ball was basically cornered against a fence post with no room for a proper swing.

So Matt ‘simply’ hit the ball against the post which amazingly ricocheted and landed beautifully on the green.  

Now, the video stands with over 950,000 views, and is covered on Yahoo, Metro, USAToday, and TheBlaze


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Dec 152013
Brodie Smith Trick Shots 2013 Compilation

 is the web’s most famous Frisbee trick shot specialist. And for good reason. His tricks are out of this world. 

Instead of sifting through his videos from the past year, Brodie put together this compilation of his best tricks he’s posted on his Vine from the past 12 months for his fans to enjoy. 

The video is featured on DailyPicks and BroBible


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