Dec 022013
Trick Shot Toddler Titus Part 3 With Channing Tatum And Bradley Cooper

Joseph Ashby‘s toddler son Titus quickly became a viral superstar earlier this year after dad published his kid scoring outrageous trick shots on his Little Tykes basketball hoop.

That original video stands with over 12 million views!

Titus even made it onto Jimmy Kimmel Live

Now, Titus is back with even more inconceivable trick shots in his third video with guest stars Channing Tatum and Bradley Cooper.


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Dec 022013
Crazy Sports Trick Shots Inside Dick’s Sporting Goods Store With Ryan Tannehill

For their latest trick shot video, the boys of Dude Perfect teamed up with Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

They performed a slew of unique and outrageous sports trick shots inside of a Dick’s Sporting Goods store that should never be duplicated.


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Oct 212013
Trick Shots With Kitty Litter

The YouTube famous trick shot masters of Dude Perfect have made it so big, they’ve finally received a corporate sponsor. 

Tidy Cat Light Weight kitty litter. That may seem a little random until you remember the Internet can’t get enough of kitties and cats. 

So for their new brand new Trick Shots With Cats video, the crew executed a slew of trick shots with no sports balls, and instead scored shot after shot with jugs of kitty litter. 


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Oct 142013
Extreme Trick Shots

The trick shot masters of Dude Perfect have returned to deliver their best, most extreme trick shots to the web. 

The crew hit up the Boy Scout’s 10,000 acre Summit High Adventure Base in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia for some serious adventure and fun.

And of course, to perform incredible, mind blowing trick shots.


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