May 312013

Back in February, little baby Titus went viral in the web’s first ever toddler basketball trick shot video. Incredibly, the video published by dad Joseph Ashb has amassed over 11 million views since then. 

A few weeks after, Jimmy Kimmel got wind of little Titus and invited dad and the trick shot toddler on the show for a little basketball competition. 

Now, Joseph has just released a second iteration of his son scoring outrageous toddler-sized trick shots, and was even able to get Jimmy Kimmel and college basketball coach Gregg Marshall to make a cameo in the video. 

Already, little Titus has been featured on TheBlaze, Boston, Devour, and BigLead


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May 302013

Dude Perfect, step aside. A new trick shot crew has hit the web from Australia, and they are quickly making a name for themselves online.

How Ridiculous has just gone viral with their new epic Slip And Slide Alley Oop trick shot video. On his first attempt, one of the daring Aussies sped down a steep slide and slide and was launched up a ramp into the waters.

As he flew into the air, his teammate passed him the basketball. With just a few nanoseconds to spare, he fired the ball towards the hoop affixed in the water and scored.

Dude, no way!


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Apr 192013

KMP Studios spent way too long to successfully make this trick shot, only for most viewers to doubt the authenticity of the video. Nevertheless, they claim Locker Shot–a short clip where a teen throws a water bottle into a locker from a great distance–is real.


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Apr 152013

Bighdeluxe published this video back in September, but it has recently resurfaced over the weekend after the star of the video, Havard Rugland, was actually picked up by the NFL to play for the Detroit Lions.

Obviously, the Internet has become much more than just a fun place to post your sports videos. It has become a serious form of a digital resume. 

Like so many other trick shot videos before, Havard Rugland performs impressive placekicker football-themed kicks and maneuvers, such as scoring a 60 yard field-goal as if it were a walk in the park. 

Now, the Kickalicious video stands with over 3.9 million views, and has recently been featured by Breitbart, YahooMashable, and NFL


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Mar 312013

WTA published this tennis video last week from the Sony Open Tennis competition, and already it has garnered over 1.9 million views

Agnieszka Radwanska was playing against Kirsten Flipkens when Kirsten’s volley clipped the net. Agnieszka had to move like lightening, and successfully twirled to return the pass around the back. The trick shot viral video is covered on Telegraph, Deadspin, and BusinessInsider


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