Mar 232015
Backwards Trick Shots Compilation

Trick shots are difficult enough already. But the trick shot masters of Dude Perfect are all about taking their skills to the next level. So for their latest video, the group performed a slew of inconceivable trick shots all performed backwards! The question is, how many tries did it take for them to hit those difficult shots?


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Mar 012015
Kid Performs Perfect Over The Shoulder No look Archer Shot

Logan Miller is just a kid, but he’s a better archer than most adults. In this mind blowing video, he performs an inconceivable bow and arrow shot, by hitting a target tossed into the air behind him without even looking! Some doubt the authenticity of the video.

Do you think it’s real or fake? 


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Feb 232015
Epic Behind The Back Twirl Ping Pong Shot

Ping pong master Bogeyhunter9 plays a lot of the miniature tennis game. He’s a true master. But still, even masters meet their match every now and then. While playing in a ping pong tournament, Bogey thought he ended the match with a nice slam shot. 

But his opponent unexpectedly twirled around to execute an epic behind the back shot


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