Jan 122015
Trevor Booker Scores Backwards ‘Volleyball’ Shot

Utah Jazz player Trevor Booker has been trending over the weekend after scoring an inconceivable shot. During Friday nights game against Houston, Booker managed to tap the ball in with his back to the hoop, volleyball-style, with just 0.2 seconds left on the shot clock. But in the end it didn’t matter, the Jazz lost to the Rockets 82 – 97. Now, this NBA video has gone viral with over 1.2 million hits!


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Dec 222014
Portal Trick Shots Are Awesome

The initial excitement of the popular puzzle game Portal has wore off, but that doesn’t make the premise any less cool. Using their epic special effects, digital studio Corridor Digital has merged the teleportation from Portal with basketball trick shots. The results are mesmerizing. 


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Nov 292014
Tyler Ennis Scores Epic No-Look Backhand Hockey Goal

Hockey can be a boring sport sometimes. Forward Tyler Ennis of the Buffalo Sabres helped make the game a little bit more exciting with his epic backhand goal while playing the Montreal Canadiens. After stumbling near the goal, Ennis launched the puck backwards without even looking and scored a sweet score! Thanks to Ennis, Buffalo beat Montreal 2-1.


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