Jun 102013

The web loves a good justice video, and they have seemingly found a new case over the weekend. Leam MC posted this video over the weekend of a middle age man catching two teens spraying graffiti on the public train apparently in the Australia. 

The kids are instantly ashamed and try to run, but the man catches one of the arm and claims “the cops are coming.”

Now, the video has been seen over half a million times with countless copies of the video being uploaded as well.


(UK changed to Australia, thanks fans!)

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Jun 042013

Laughter truly is contagious. It’s been done before, but to prove this fact once again, Rituals Cosmetics commissioned this social experiment

They simply had an elderly man wait with a group of travelers for the tram. For no particular reason, he starts laughing uncontrollably. At first, the others look at him strangely, but soon enough, they are all laughing together.  


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May 202013

Improv Everywhere, one of the most famous improv-comedy groups online, naturally had to make a video for YouTube Comedy Week

They teamed up with College Humor famous Pat Cassels and Evan Gregory of the popular Auto Tune The News series to turn a New York City MTA subway car into bona fide late night talk show.

The mission is called Talk Show Subway Car.

They brought all the chairs, props, people, and equipment onto a subway car and took over, building an authentic late night set.

Evan of course took care of the music as Charlie Todd took charge of the subway riders, quickly turning them into an enthusiastic audience for his fictitious show, Late Night Underground with Pat Cassels

The show actually looks awesome as Pat asks everyday riders up on stage to feature them on his show. Want more about the crazy prank? Check out the Improv Everywhere article


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May 052013

Around two in the morning in Wetteren, Belgium, Joachim Van Durme was woken up by a huge explosion. He looked out the window to discover a freight train had derailed not far from his bedroom window. The train was transporting toxic chemicals, so naturally viewers are advising Joachim to get out of town for a few days. Already, the new video has garnered over half a million views


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