Jul 242013

YouTube prankster Stuart Edge teamed up with his buddies Joanna and Christian to prank New Yorkers on the MTA subway.

New Yorkers are famous for grabbing a few Z’s on their subway commute, so as a fun prank, the trio purposefully ‘fell asleep’ on fellow travelers to provoke a reaction. And boy did they get some. 


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Jul 232013
Beijing Subway Morning Rush Hour

And New Yorkers complain about the bad manners and poor etiquette on the MTA subway? Obviously, they’ve never taken a ride on the Beijing subway. 

Just check out how brutal morning rush hour is in Beijing, China.

As most travelers of public transport know, there’s nothing more infuriating than when commuters boarding don’t allow room for riders to exit the train cars before entering. What results, as BeijingCream reports, is torturous bottleneck


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Jul 062013

Anne-Julie Hallée was awoken in the middle of the night by a great explosion! She looked out the window to discovered a train transporting chemicals through her small town of Lac-Mégantic in Quebec, Canada had crashed, resulting in a giant fire worthy of the Armageddon. Already, the new video has garnered over 200,000 hits.


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Jun 102013

The web loves a good justice video, and they have seemingly found a new case over the weekend. Leam MC posted this video over the weekend of a middle age man catching two teens spraying graffiti on the public train apparently in the Australia. 

The kids are instantly ashamed and try to run, but the man catches one of the arm and claims “the cops are coming.”

Now, the video has been seen over half a million times with countless copies of the video being uploaded as well.


(UK changed to Australia, thanks fans!)

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