Jun 022015
Honest Trailer Of Entourage

Fans were crushed when HBO’s popular bro series Entourage finally ended in 2011. But there’s good news! As every fan already knows, the Entourage movie is debuting tomorrow and is already being considered one of the hottest movies of the summer. In honor of the new film, the movie nerds at Screen Junkies traveled back in time to give the original series an honest trailer


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May 242015
Mad Max Trailer Merged With Mario Kart

Action and movie fans are thrilled that the 1979 dystopian action movie Mad Max has been rebooted with the new release Mad Max: Fury Road. Nintendo fan Sundbergkr took the brand new trailer for the film and merged with with Mario Kart sounds and special effects. The results? A viral trailer for “Mario Kart: Fury Road” that has already garnered over 1.5 million views this weekend!


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May 062015
Honest Trailer Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

It feels like it was just yesterday when the entire Internet and media was in a frenzy over romance film Fifty Shades of Grey hitting the theaters. Now that the film that the Web loves to hate is being released on DVD, the movie nerds of Screen Junkies give the movie their ‘honest trailer‘ treatment. Ya, this is spot on. 


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May 032015
Black Widow Superhero Movie As A Romantic Comedy

The latest Avengers film just came out this weekend and is already an instant box office hit. There seems to be a stand alone superhero movie for all of the Avengers, but what about Black Widow? As actress Scarlett Johansson was the celebrity guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend, she starred in this hilarious parody Black Widow superhero movie trailer if it was more of a romantic comedy than an action film. This would actually be an awesome movie!


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Apr 222015
Father’s Reaction To New Star Wars Trailer Will Make You Smile

Father Roderick Vonhögen may be a man of God, but he is also obsessed with Star Wars. Naturally, he was super psyched to watch the new trailer for The Force Awakens. He recorded his reaction to the trailer which has gone viral for his infectious excitement and glee. 


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