Dec 132014
Iron Can Is The Literal Iron Appliance Parody Of Iron Man

Tony Starch is just your average billionaire can of fabric softener. But he has a big secret to reveal. After some superhero laundry work got out of hand, he has stepped forward to admit that, yes, he is Iron Can. This pun-packed parody trailer of Iron Man was posted by Anders Wotzke – Moviedex, and has gone viral over the weekend with over 350,000 views and counting!


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Dec 092014
Honest Trailer Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

Before this summer Guardians of the Galaxy was only known by the most die-hard of comic books fans. But after debuting in theaters it quickly became the most popular summer flick. Naturally, the movie review nerds at Screen Junkies were asked by countless fans to give the Marvel action film a more honest trailer. They were happy to oblige. 


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Dec 042014
Terminator Genisys Movie Trailer

Just when you thought the writers in Hollywood finally wrapped up the end of a movie series, a new sequel comes out. This has been going on in the Terminator world for years now. After the first success of Terminator, T2 came out and has been known as one of the best sequels out there. But since then, every subsequent sequel has been a nightmare for die hard fans. 

Now, they’re doing it yet again. Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger is back. Terminator Genisys is a thing. As usual, fans are split whether the trailer for the new sequel looks good or is just another money grab. 


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Dec 012014
Better Call Saul Sneak Peek

One of the most popular secondary characters on AMC‘s hit thriller Breaking Bad was Saul Goodman the lawyer. Fans simply loved Bob Odenkirk’s character and he quickly became a favorite supporting actor on the show. Now that the Breaking Bad story has finally ended, AMC is bringing Saul back as a main character on a new spin off show starting this February 8th called Better Call Saul. This short sneak peak has gone viral as viewers anxiously await the shows premiere. 


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Nov 302014
George Lucas Special Edition Of Star Wars: Episode VII Force Awakens Trailer

Nerds remember too well in the 1990′s when George Lucas re-released the original Star Wars trilogy. Fans were ecstatic that their childhood favorite films were back in theaters. And with better sounds and special effects! But many viewers felt let down by George’s unnatural CGI addition to the original films. 

Now that the new Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens trailer is all the rave online, Tim Tim Fed was inspired to remake the trailer as George Lucas might have–with obnoxious CGI additions and effects. Nerds are loving this hilarious parody that has instantly gone viral with over 2 million hits this weekend!


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