Sep 262013
Singing ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ In Highway Traffic

TJ Smith posted this ‘highway singalong‘ back in the summer, but it has only started to trend now. 

While driving through LA’s infamously terrible traffic, TJ brought smiles to commuters faces by blasting the upbeat classic Build Me Up Buttercup and getting others to sing as well. It’s rare to see such comradery on the highway, let alone in miserable traffic. 


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Jun 082013

There’s nothing like a broken traffic light at a busy intersection to slow down your commute. Especially before the police get there to put up stop signs and take control of the situation, traffic ends up going nowhere as few want to take the initiative that might result in higher insurance costs.

Lucky for Toronto, they have citizens who seem to care.

At around afternoon rush hour, the light at the Dufferin and Steeles busy intersection went out. Traffic was a mess, but quickly, twenty-one year old jumped into action, conducting traffic like a pro-traffic cop until the real police arrived on the scene. 

B4effect actually published the good Samaritan video over a year ago, but it has only gone viral now, amassing over 330,000 hits over the past few days. 


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Mar 122012

This Phoenix Fox 10 report went super viral over the weekend, amassing over 4.5 millions views. During Andrea Robinson’s traffic report, a huge bright flash was caught on camera with no explanation. As expected, conspiracy theorists are buzzing over the video, while skeptics are calling for reason.


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Feb 062012

This dash-cam video from Russia starts off innocent enough. The scene opens with someone driving in traffic on the Russian highway with Imagine by the John Lennon softly playing.

Suddenly, there is a bright flash in the horizon that changes color of white, orange, and bright blue. It looks like a scene straight out of a sci-fi Armageddon summer blockbuster. Then all the street lights go out. One can only expect an alien invasion next. 


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May 102011

A news woman in Dallas giving a traffic report has become Internet famous for a slip up a trying to say “May Fest”. Imagine your whole career only becoming famous because you said, “May Fart,” instead of, “Fest”. Even she can’t control her laughter after she realizes what she said. The video is featured on sites like HuffingtonPost and SportsIllustrated.CNN.


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