Feb 062012

This dash-cam video from Russia starts off innocent enough. The scene opens with someone driving in traffic on the Russian highway with Imagine by the John Lennon softly playing.

Suddenly, there is a bright flash in the horizon that changes color of white, orange, and bright blue. It looks like a scene straight out of a sci-fi Armageddon summer blockbuster. Then all the street lights go out. One can only expect an alien invasion next. 


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May 102011

A news woman in Dallas giving a traffic report has become Internet famous for a slip up a trying to say “May Fest”. Imagine your whole career only becoming famous because you said, “May Fart,” instead of, “Fest”. Even she can’t control her laughter after she realizes what she said. The video is featured on sites like HuffingtonPost and SportsIllustrated.CNN.


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Apr 142011

This short video from 2008 just became popular. It went from no views to thousands. It’s a short video of a man in traffic in New Zealand. He seems to be a pretty good multi-tasker. He jams on his ukulele and creeps in traffic at the same time. It’s a lesson to relax in traffic.


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Apr 112011

Traffic is a universal problem. Every country deals with the problem differently. Some people drive on the curb and others drive scooters through the cracks of cars to leave the traffic in their dust.

But this tactic filmed in Russia is brand new. People get in the other lane and drive backwards. At that point you might as well just drive against traffic so you can at least see.


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Feb 212011

Stop and go traffic is infuriating. One way to calm yourself is to not fall for the stop and go mentality, but rather keep a space in front of you. Try to never hit the brakes. You will stop the traffic waves and everyone behind you won’t have to stop and go either. Also, your mind set changes from rush rush, to calm and relaxed.

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