Sep 072014
Quantum Levitating Toy Train

Back in 2011, Scientists at Tel Aviv University discovered how to levitate an object in what they called Quantum Levitation. There have been many entertaining applications of this technology since, but this new clip is worthy of attention. A Japanese scientist demonstrates what happens when you mix quantum levitation and model trains. You get a levitating toy train. So cool!

The hovering object must be extremely cold, hence the many applications of liquid nitrogen. 


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Aug 022014
Awesome Dad Builds Sons Homemade Spaceship

We last saw Best dad ever Jeff back in February when he showed the Web how he built his sons an epic mission control desk. Now, he has returned to Make: to demonstrate his latest add-on, a totally rad homemade spaceship that is interconnected with the mission control desk. These are the luckiest kids ever!


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