Dec 202013
Holiday Dominoes Show Using 2,000 iPhones Truly Sparkles

We are in the 21st century after all, so why are we still making domino sets with boring ol’ pieces of plastic?

Aatma Studio wanted to bring the popular chain reaction tile show into the digital age, so they made this impressive domino set using iPhones.

2,000 iPhones to be exact!

By using smart phones as dominoes, lights and sparkles can be added the mix creating a much more enthralling show that even includes digital fireworks! 

Dominoes will never be the same.


Thanks VideoLad!

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Dec 192013
Epic Toy War

Popular YouTube musician Mystery Guitar Man teamed up with digital studios Final Cut King and The VFX Brothers to create this nostalgia inducing video

Using classic toys as weapons, such as the Rubik’s Cube, Simon, and Operation, they battle in an Epic Toy War at the playground.


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Dec 192013
Conan Visits The American Girl Store

Conan O’Brien is up to his usual mischief again. 

This time, the iconic red headed late night host visits the American Girl Store, and is given a tour of the elaborate toy store where he meets all of the famous dolls.

Coco even picks his own doll, which he enjoys a very special lunch with at the AGS cafe. 

Yes, there’s a cafe in the toy store. 


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Dec 182013
Full Sized Lego Car Is Also Powered By Air

Melbourne entrepreneur and marketer Steve Sammartino and his Romanian buddy Raul Oaida, who happens to be a ‘technology genius,’ are truly insane.

The adult children teamed up to not only create a full sized Lego car made up of over half a million pieces, but they even made sure the car was completely functional.

Better yet, the engine–which has four orbital engines and a total of 256 pistons–runs on pure air pressure. 


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Nov 182013
GoldieBlox Rube Goldberg Machine ‘Girls’ Commercial

GoldieBlox, the engineering and building toy company aimed at girls, is attempting to fight one of the strongest stereotypes in the toy industry: That girls only want to play princess and house with everything pink and purple.

To combat this, they have just debuted this awesome commercial featuring an elaborate Rube Goldberg Machine with a lyrical twist on the Beastie Boys classic Girls playing in the background. 

“Girls to build the spaceship,
Girls to code the new app,
Girls to grow up knowing
they can engineer that. Girls!”


(Update: the original video with Beastie Boys parody was removed because of copyright. Here’s the new one)


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