Oct 242015
Cat Adorably Steals Tiger Stuffed Animal

Borut Birsa‘s cat was looking for companionship, but couldn’t find any. Finally, the feline decided that a cat toy was better than no cat at all, so kitty stole a tiger stuffed animal from the neighbors. How adorable! This clip has instantly gone viral this weekend. 


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Oct 042015
Dog Drives Little Boy In Toy Car

Everyone loves seeing a dog acting like a human. But this isn’t a picture or cartoon, this is real life! Jessica Wolf‘s dog Daisy is apparently a lot smarter than other dogs. Just watch as she drives Jessica’s son Oliver around in their electric toy car. Don’t worry, mom controlled the accelerator, but still it’s impressive that Daisy can steer


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Aug 282015
Plastic Golf Club Battle

What kid didn’t grow up playing with a set of plastic golf clubs? How else can you practice miniature golf at home? As they love to battle each other in unique sports, the gang of Dude Perfect held an epic plastic golf club battle. This actually looks like tons of fun. Could you imagine pros like Tiger Woods playing golf with plastic clubs? 


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Aug 232015
Jurassic World In Lego

You don’t have a successful Hollywood film until someone on YouTube recreates it in stop motion using everyone’s favorite toy brick, Lego. Thankfully, Lego nerd BrotherhoodWorkshop has stepped forward to do just that. In this viral clip, they cover the entire plot from the summer dinosaur blockbuster in just 90 seconds. Rawr! 


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Aug 172015
Tiny Toy Robot Made Of Only Paper Actually Walks

Thedoorintos published this how-to video over three years ago, but it is trending again now. Somehow, he built a very tiny robot made out of paper that not only stands and looks legit, but can actually walk thanks to its tiny motor that is also made of only paper. It’s an engineering marvel! And the music makes it even more creepy!


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