Nov 212014
Girl’s Flying Fairy Toy Flies Away

Flying fairy toys have become very popular these days. Some don’t work so well while others work too well. This adorable viral video shows two little girls launching their flying fairy up into the air only for the fairy to fly away, apparently going to Never Never Land.

“Bye bye!”


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Nov 202014
Second Graders React To Realistic Lammily Doll

Back in March, Nickolay Lamm introduced his ambitious idea for a doll that was based on reality instead of fantasy. He and his team created Lammily, a doll based on the real proportions of a normal, human girl. Now that Lammily is finally here, he brought the new doll to St. Edmund’s Academy and showed her to group of second graders to see what kids think. They love her!


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Nov 052014
High Tech Wireless Squeaking Duck Is Pretty Much Useless

Technology is supposed to make life easier. But sometimes, nerds like to use high tech just for the fun of it. Techie Nicholmikey used a complex set of power supplies, relay systems, and servo controls for wireless project. So what happens when you hit the wireless remote? A arm pulls down and squeaks a toy rubber duckie. All wirelessly! This ridiculous video has gone viral with over 700,000 views!


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Oct 282014
Girl’s Flying Fairy Flies Right Into The Fireplace

This video by America’s Funniest Home Videos has exploded with over half a million views! A little girl shows the camera her new flying fairy toy that she got for Christmas. She turns the toy on, and smiles with glee as the fairy really flutters around like the real thing. But her smiling face quickly turns fearful as the fairy flies directly into the roaring fireplace. Oh no!!

Viewers know it’s wrong, but can’t help and laugh.  


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Sep 292014
Kids React To Skip-It Toy

Remember the impossible Skip-It from the 90’s? Though many have warm memories surrounding the toy, most have forgotten how unfun and difficult it was. Still, it seemed like everyone had one back in the day. So how will kids from today react to the toy? Will they love/hate it like we all do? The Fine Brothers wanted to find out, and had a bunch of kids try it!


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