Dec 222013
Blind Man Tries To Guess The Color Of Scented Markers

Remember those Mr. Sketch scented markers?

Tommy Edison, who has been blind from birth, was challenged by one of his fans to attempt to guess the colors of the markers just by their smell. 

The game isn’t as easy as it seems, especially when you’ve never seen a color in your life.


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Oct 312013
Growing Up Blind

The web’s most prominent blind YouTuber, Tommy Edison, discusses what it was like growing up blind from birth in his latest video. 

“A lot of people wonder what it’s like growing up blind. This is all I’ve ever known.”

He confesses that his parents wanted him to be like everyone else. They even taught him how to ride a bike, wrapped his gifts, and bought him braille board games. 


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Oct 042013
Blind Man Asks Questions About ‘Sighted Life’

YouTube’s most popular blind man, Tommy Edison, usually answers questions on how he goes along his daily life, such as how he cooks dinner at home, or uses his iPhone

Now, Tom has returned to ask questions about the life of a sighted-person.

He understandably doesn’t ‘get’ how people can remember all those colors, or how can a person drive with so much to see at once moving by fast. 

Fashion makes little sense to sighted-people, so naturally, Tommy can’t comprehend it all either. 


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Sep 182013
How A Blind Person Uses Instagram

The web’s favorite blind film critic, Tommy Edison, has returned with another dose of how a blind person uses everyday technology.

This time he demonstrates how he uses Instagram on his iPhone, from taking a photo, to reading the comments. 

Who knew a blind person could have such a fulfilling experience on a photo-sharing social network?


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Sep 032013
Intangible Concepts To A Blind Person

There are so many concepts sighted-people take for granted without even realizing it, explains Tommy Edison who is blind from birth.

Completely visual, vast, intangible things like the horizon, the Grand Canon, or fog are totally lost on Tommy. Though he can explain these ideas verbally based on other’s testimony, he still can’t wrap his head around them.


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