Aug 282014
Son Reprimands Mom For Getting Pregnant Again

Shanee Hart has two kids, but she has a big secret to tell them. She’s pregnant with another baby! She thought her toddler son would be excited to hear the news that he would be a big brother again, but her surprise didn’t go over as she expected. Instead, her sharp son rebuked her for getting pregnant again after just having two kids. Now, this cute viral video has exploded online! 


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Aug 282014
Little Girl Covered In Chocolate Adorably Denies Eating Chocolate Doughnut

Mandy Meaux caught her cute four year old daughter red handed. Or more specifically, chocolate faced. Little Emma had chocolate all over her face, yet the trouble maker denied she was apart of the doughnut crime. Even after her brother Ben admitted to helping himself to a doughnut and mom made it clear she saw the evidence all over her face, Emma simply threw Ben under the bus.

This cute video has gone viral with over a quarter million views!


Via DailyDot

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Aug 222014
Little Girl Has The Cutest Reaction To Space Shuttle Launch

Keith‘s adorable daughter is only a toddler, so many things in life are still very new and exciting. Keith was watching a space shuttle launch on the television with his daughter Shaylee, and her reaction was just priceless

“It’s a rocket ship! Oh my goodness!” 

So cute!


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Aug 132014
Little Girl Is Heartbroken After Accidentally Deleting Picture

Little four year old Cadence is like most children these days. She’s a relative computer wiz. But today, she accidentally figured out how to delete a photo, and permanently erased a picture of her uncle. When she realized the gravity of her actions she was heartbroken. Awwww….


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Aug 082014
Dad And Toddler Daughter Performing ‘My Roots Grow Down’ Is The Cutest

The Rookies is made up of a proud father and his adorable toddler daughter. The two have gone viral with this precious performance of My Roots Grow Down, an original song by Sarah Pirtle. Their music video has over 750,000 views! Too cute!


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