Mar 212014
Pregnancy Time Lapse Music Video Is Super Sweet

For nine long months, musician Tom Fletcher took a photo of his wife everyday during her pregnancy. 

That’s been done before, but Tom has topped all other pregnancy videos by creating a music video from their time lapse.

He performs a special song for his son and wife, titled Something New, while she grows bigger and bigger until finally, little Buzz is here. 

Now, their adorable music video is going viral and already has over 600,000 hits!


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Mar 132014
Artist Drawing The Oscars 2014 Selfie Will Blow You Away

Ellen’s famous ‘Oscar Selfie‘ broke Twitter and became the most reweeted post ever.  

Artist Heather Rooney was inspired to recreate the famous picture using just colored pencils. Her finished result is gorgeous, and could easily pass as a digital photograph. 


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Mar 032014
Yosemite National Park Timelapse Will Blow You Away

Colin Delehanty and Sheldon Neill of Project Yosemite backpacked over 200 miles of Yosemite National Park to capture some of the most amazing footage of the famous American park. 

The resulting timelapse video is truly awe-inspiring, and is going viral as it deserves. 


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Jan 282014
Guy Learns To Dance In A Year

A wise man once said, “all beginnings are hard.” 

Neiland couldn’t dance for the life of him, but always dreamed of moving to the groove while listening to Michael Jackson. 

Finally, something in his heart inspired him to start practicing, and for a year, he pushed himself to dance. 

This is his journey

“I hope this video inspires you to do things that you really want to do.”


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