Jul 102014
Teen Takes Photo Once A Day For Over Six Years

The Internet has seen it before, but the take-a-photo-a-day art project never gets old. This time, Rebecca Brown was the artist who had the drive to take a selfie everyday for over six years. Watch as she grows from a young teenager to a young woman. Her video has gone viral with over 3.5 million views already!


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Jun 082014
Growth Of A Strawberry Will Get You In The Mood For Summer

Summer is quickly approaching. And that means fresh fruit and berries. The Baltimore Sun shows viewers the life of a strawberry, from flower to fruit, in this beautiful nature time lapse video. One strawberry smoothie please.  


via LaughingSquid

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May 192014
Giant Supercell Thunderstorm In Wyoming Is Mesmerizing

Storm chasers Basehunters Chasing are trending after uploading this eye-popping supercell thunderstorm time-lapse captured over the plains of Wyoming on Sunday. Viewers can’t help but be mesmerizing by the natural beauty of the destructive and powerful storm. The video has already amassed over half a million views just today!


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May 192014
Incredibly Realistic Drawing Of LeBron James Will Blow Your Mind

Artist Heather Rooney has a real talent. She can recreate the image of real people with just the tip of her pencil. When she’s done, her piece looks more like a photograph than a hand drawn picture. Her latest art piece to go viral is this time lapse of her drawing NBA basketball star LeBron James using color pencils. The finished product will blow your mind, and has already amassed over 700,000 hits


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May 042014
100 Days Dancing To The Same Song Time Lapse

YouTuber Project One Life is on a mission to take on an extensive bucket list. He’s not much of a dancer, but decided to push his limits. For 100 days, he danced the same dance in his bedroom to the Jamiroquai hit single Canned Heat, made famous from Napoleon Dynamite. Then he did some serious editing, chopped up his dances, and smashed them all into one entertaining, groovy time lapse. His dance has instantly gone viral this weekend. 


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