Jan 072015
Woman Takes A Photo Every Day During Her Pregnancy

There are lots of videos created by people who take a photo of themselves everyday. But this new mother put a spin on her video. Once she found out she was pregnant, she took a photo of herself everyday for nine months until the baby arrived. Then, she compiled the pictures into this magical and touching stop motion time lapse. In just two weeks, her video has gone viral with over 3.3 million hits!


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Dec 152014
Time Lapse Of New York City Anti-Police Brutality March

The media may have moved on, but the masses are still very upset over the lack of an indictment of the police officer who put Eric Garner in a choke hold during an attempted arrest that lead to his passing. Thousands of New Yorkers took to the streets over the weekend for a ‘millions march’ with the help of the trending hashtag #MillionsMarchNYC

Vinay Pulim had his camera recording from a building above 6th Ave and 29th St., and put together this inspiring time lapse of the impressive march over an hour and a half. That’s a lot of people! 


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Dec 142014
Cloud Inversion In The Grand Canyon Is Gorgeous

During rare weather conditions, the clouds can become inverted when air is warmer in the sky than on the ground. That’s exactly what happened at the Grand Canyon on last Thursday, causing the famous American landmark to be filled with clouds. This stunning time lapse of the inversion has gone viral over the weekend with over 400,000 hits!


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Dec 092014
Puppy Growing Up Into A Dog Time Lapse Is Adorable

There are countless time lapse videos of people who take countless photos of themselves as they age from a child into their teens. Greg Coffin decided to make a similar art project with his cute dog Sophia. From the puppy age of two months, viewers can see how she grows into a three year old dog in just a matter of seconds. This pet video has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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