Oct 222015
How To Sneak Into A Theme Park

Theme parks are more fun than ever these days. They’re packed with high tech rides and attractions, and backed by big studios and entertainment companies who bring all your favorite fictional characters to life. The only problem is the price. It can be quite expensive just to get in. This might not be the most ethical idea ever, but The Hacks Of Life explains how to enjoy a day at a theme park without parting with much money


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Sep 142015
Take A Virtual Ride On The World’s Next Record Breaking Roller Coaster

It seems like every summer, a new amusement park becomes the short lived record holder for offering the biggest, fastest, or steepest roller coaster in the world. It’s not ready yet, but now Cedar Point is planning on breaking ten roller coaster records all at once when they debut their latest beast, the Valravn Birdseye. Can’t wait until 2016? Take a virtual ride here:


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Aug 142015
Taste Testing Simpsons Food In Real Life

Years ago, fans could only imagine what a Duff beer or Krusty Burger tasted like. Finally, Universal Studios Hollywood has brought all of your favorite Simpsons foods to life in their near perfect remake of Springfield. Now, fans of the Simpsons can taste all of the famous yummy looking food from the world’s longest running sitcom. In case you can’t go yourself, the folks at Zagat visited Springfield and reviewed all of the most popular foods. Giant doughnut with pink frosting and sprinkles? Yes please! 


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Aug 112015
Tiny Hamster Visits Disney World

You know your online video series has made it when you are invited to Disney world. Hello Denizen was lucky enough to be invited to “The Happiest Place on Earth” along with their super cute and tiny hamster. The little hamster enjoyed everything that we all love at Disney, including riding the tea cups, chomping down tasty snacks, and more! 


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Jun 172015
Boy’s Reaction To Disney World Surprise Will Melt Your Heart

Little Sean was already quite emotional after his parents came and signed him out of school early on the last day. But when mom and dad dropped the news that they were all going to Disney World for a seven day vacation he couldn’t help but tear up and give mom a hug. This touching video by Brian Curtin has gone viral with over 300,000 hits!


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