Apr 102013

Moron United works at the local movie theater. At the end of the day, his manager told him to “get rid of these Milk Duds.”

Being a literal man, the movie clerk built a giant domino set up from the boxed candy, with the milk duds the last domino to fall into the waste bin. 

Finally, he set off the domino contraption. It worked, but after all that, the Milk Duds didn’t make it in the trash can.

Brenan85 adds, “That twist ending blew my mind.”


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Feb 282012

The Israeli Alzheimer Association (EMDA) went to Israel’s largest multiplex, Cinema City, and with their cooperation, played the wrong movie for film goers. People were confused, upset, and disoriented as they were so sure they had bought the correct tickets and went to the correct movie.

And that was the whole point. EMDA was successful showing people what life is like for someone who suffers from Alzheimer’s. It was all part of the International Alzheimer’s Awareness Week and the Israelis were quick to help spread the word.The video is featured on TheDailyWhat, StuntOfTheDay, and YouTubeTrends.


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Sep 232011

 in Belgium pulled a prank on a couple innocent movie goers by packing a theater full of angry, scary looking bikers. When the unknowning movie goers walked into a full house of tattooed angry bikers. Their reactions are priceless. The video is shared on b3ta and TheDailyWhat


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Aug 052011

There is nothing more irritating than someone who is rude enough to talk on their cell phones during a movie. When this dad and daughter are confronted by a rude phone talker, dad calmly deal with the situation in a cool, collected manner. He pulls out a .22 and blows the guys brains out. His daughter says thanks and offer him some pop corn. I have a feeling he’s done this before. This man is a hero.



Thanks Jason and Brett!!

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Jun 062011

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Austin has a very strict no talking or texting rule. If you talk on your phone, or even text, they kick you out with no refund. They have several warnings before the movie starts, but there always seems to be people who break the rules.

One girl was kicked out for texting and left this angry voicemail afterwards. But that didn’t phase the cinema at all. Now this video is played before rated-R movies to let people know they mean business-and also give them a laugh. Read more at Drafthouse.


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