Dec 112014
Jimmy Fallon And Steve Carell Sing ‘Sexual Healing’ With Barbershop Quartet

Jimmy Fallon loves singing and performing skits with his celebrity guests on The Tonight Show. As actor Steve Carell was visiting him, Jimmy called his buddies from his barbershop quartet The Ragtime Gals to cover the 1980′s hip-hop classic love song, Sexual Healing


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May 032014
Kevin Spacey And Jimmy Fallon Perform ‘Talk Dirty’ In Barbershop Quartet

Jimmy Fallon loves singing pop music hits with his barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals. For his latest cover, he invited his celebrity guest Kevin Spacey to join in the a cappella group to sing the Jason Derulo club sensation Talk Dirty. It’s no surprise the Internet is simply eating the performance up. The music video is one of the top trending viral videos of  the weekend. 


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Feb 192014
Jimmy Fallon Performs Ignition Remix With Barber

Were you nervous Jimmy Fallon might leave all of his most popular gags at Late Night after moving to The Tonight Show? Well, never fear.

Jimmy already has gone viral performing the evolution of hip-hop dancing with Will Smith, a popular series from Late Night, during his opening night. 

He has also transferred his barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals, from Late Night.

Together, they sang R. Kelly’s hit single Ignition Remix for their debut performance on The Tonight Show in a one of a kind cover. 


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Jun 062013

Jimmy Fallon is well known on cable television and YouTube for performing original and creative twists on popular music on his Late Night program. One of his most popular series is when he performs pop with his barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals. 

Last time, he and special guest Justin Timberlake recreated Sexy Back in old fashion barbershop style. Now, Jimmy takes us back to the 90′s covering the Color Me Badd hip hop classic I Wanna Sex You Up like no one has heard before. 


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Mar 132013

Jimmy Fallon is, of course, a comedian, but he is also a pretty decent musician. He’s been adding lots of music to his Late Night show in very unique ways, like when he performed Your Body with guest star Christina Aguilera with The Roots using office equipment as instruments. 

Last summer he launched his very own house barbershop quartet The Ragtime Gals. Jimmy recently performed SexyBack with his quartet, but made it a ‘quin’ with special guest Justin Timberlake. Naturally, the video is going viral. 


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