Jul 102014
Everything Wrong With The Matrix Reloaded

Like the Star Wars prequels, The Matrix Reloaded was greatly anticipated by fans and the nerd world. But sadly, just like the prequels, the movie turned out to be a flop. That’s why the movie nerds of Cinema Sins have stepped forward to review the film and explain all of the film’s sins. 


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Apr 152014
Everything Wrong With The Matrix

The Matrix is one of the most popular sci-fi movies of the late 90′s. The story, the special effects, they were ground breaking at the time leading to countless parodies and spoofs. Even though the film is 15 years old now it stills looks good.

That inspired the prominent movie critics at Cinema Sins to review the film and cover everything wrong with it


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Oct 222013
The Matrix In Real Life Prank At Macy’s

As a part of their continuing Movies In Real Life series, Improv Everywhere sent Neo shopping at Macy’s. You know, for one of those cool “man dresses” Keanu Reeves is always wearing in The Matrix movies. 

But while shopping, a seemingly endless stream of agents attacked, and a slow-motion style Matrix battle ensued.

Even the employees couldn’t help but smile at the obvious movie reference.  


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Oct 222013
Ultimate Bullet Time Flow Motion Effects Created With 130 Smartphone Array At The Beach

As more and more powerful camera-equipped smartphones continue to fall in price, once impossible special effects can now be reproduced with out a Hollywood checkbook. 

Flow motion, often referred to as bullet time made famous from The Matrix, is one of the most popular to reproduce at home using a slew of cameras in an array.

Now, Snapdragon Processors has taken the homemade arrays to the next level using a whopping 130 Snapdragon-powered HTC One smartphones to create an eye-popping 360 degree flow motion photo booth at the beach. 


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Oct 172013
Bullet Time Fire Breathing With GoPro Array

This new video by Tyler Johnson puts The Matrix’s bullet time special effects to shame. Using his own homemade camera array out of 24 GoPro cameras, Tyler captured Go Pro Camera‘s music supervisor David Kelley breathing fire in flow motion that has the web drooling.


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