Feb 172014
Everything Is Awesome The Lego Movie Theme Song

The Lego Movie has grabbed the attention of both kids and adults. 

The movie’s outrageous theme song, Everything Is Awesomemaybe silly, but people just can’t get the tune out of their heads. 

The music video for the song, created by Canadian indie rock duo Tegan and Sara and The Lonely Island, has amassed over one million views


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Jun 082013

Have you noticed they spell a lot in hip hop and rap? As a part of their #WackWednesday, The Lonely Island parodied this musical trend by taking it to an extreme.

In SPELL IT OUT, Andy Samberg starts by saying, “We got my man Jorm, Kiv’s in the house, and me, you who I am, and if not, let me spell it out.”

He then spells out the rest of the entire song.

Aryanna Middleton dictated the lyrics as “Dudethathassexwithpigsformoney­butonlyasasdiethingrightnow,I’­mjustshortoncashandhaveironsin­thefirebutinthiseconomyit’llha­vetodomynameis Lenny.”


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May 242013

NSFW Warning language

Web favorite The Lonely Island has debuted their second video of YouTube Comedy Week. The hilarious rap group takes on the confusing punctuation mark that is the bane for countless English studies students; the semicolon.

With a little help from Solange Knowles they put the mark into action by rapping appropriate semicolon examples in SEMICOLON.   


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Feb 272013

NSFW – laguage 

The 2013 Independent Spirit Awards were held last Saturday, and aired on IFC. SNL famous Andy Samberg opened with a humorous ten minute monologue, but being it was the Spirit Awards, nobody saw it. Thankfully, he posted the speech on his The Lonely Island channel. 


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Jan 272013

Web favorite The Lonely Island started off as a small name on SNL with Andy Samberg as the leader. Now, they have grown a huge following, with over 2.8 million fans on YouTube alone. 

For their latest piece, they mock the newly trending acronym YOLO, which stands for You Only Live Once. The younger generation commonly uses the new slang as an excuse when making impulsive and/or stupid life decisions. 

Instead, Kiv, Andy, and Jorm sing about how careful one should be as you only have one precious life. Super pop stars Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar guest star in the music video that has instantly gone viralviral. 


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