Nov 182014
Tiny Hamster Enjoys Thanksgiving Dinner

YouTube channel HelloDenizen struck gold when they first introduced their adorable tiny hamster eating a delicious tiny burrito video. That original clip, and the subsequent follow ups, have millions of views! Now, the chef of all things tiny has returned with his cute furry friend to enjoy a classic Thanksgiving dinner. Just a tiny one.

This time, the entire tiny hamster family comes to the table to enjoy tiny turkey, tiny pie, and more! Too cute to handle!!


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Nov 182014
‘All About That Baste’ Is A Yummy Thanksgiving ‘All About That Bass’ Parody

The Internet’s favorite parodying family, The Holderness Family, is back with a hilarious and delicious spoof of the Meghan Trainor one hit wonder All About That Bass. The cute family injects the yummiest parts of Thanksgiving into their song, with the perfect title, All About That Baste. Their cover has already gone viral with over half a million views!


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Jun 122014
How To Build A Fry Derrick

Foodie and Food Network star Alton Brown is a huge fan of fried food done right. One of his favorites it fried turkey. There’s just nothing like serving a delicious, juicy fried turkey on Thanksgiving that will shock your guests with its flavor and taste. But frying a whole turkey isn’t like frying a batch of chicken nuggets. It’s a huge ordeal that can actually be dangerous if done incorrectly. 

So to help newbies get their fry on in a safe manner, Alton demonstrates in this video how to build what he calls the fry derrick. 


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Dec 042013
Two Guys Give A Homeless Man A Surprise Gourmet Thanksgiving Dinner On The Streets Of LA

Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends, but what if you don’t have either?

Before their Thanksgiving meal, Gabe and Will of Molo Nation wanted to bring some hope and happiness into the life of a needy person. They decided to make a delicious, gourmet dinner, and find a random homeless person on the streets of LA and make their Thanksgiving one to remember.

But they didn’t just plop the food in a bag and hand it over.

Instead, they set up a table on the street, complete with a white tablecloth, candles, and flowers, and served Johnny the gourmet meal as if he were in a five star restaurant. 


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