Dec 182013
How To Text A Girl

It’s no secret that most long distance flirting and chit-chatting has shifted from the traditional phone to texting. 

But most guys have no idea what they are doing on the keyboard.

Texting isn’t easy. It’s an art form.

Thankfully, popular comedian and animator sWooZie explains for all the romantically challenged guys how to properly text a girl they are interested in. 


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Dec 162013
Merry Christmas Exclamation Point Music Video

Christmas is for friends and family. But what about all those office coworkers and acquaintances we see on a daily basis?

Musical comedian Jon Lajoie explains what nearly everyone gives them in this humorous song. They send a Christmas text.

They might even punctuate with an exclamation point. 

Merry Christmas!


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Apr 302013

The most famous improv crew arguably in the world, ImprovEverywhere, has again struck in the heart of New York City with a hilarious prank. For their latest mission, they pretended the city made a new program of Seeing Eye People for New Yorkers to walk and text. 

Countless volunteers wearing orange vests and leashes took to the streets with a texter right behind them holding the leash and tapping away. 



BuzzFeed got in the gag actually approaching real people who were texting and walking and asking them if they need assistance. Most did not react pleased. 


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Nov 022011

Procrastination is a battle in your mind. Your Present Bias tells you what you should do later, but the you in the future doesn’t want to, so it ends up getting pushed off. You need to make your ‘should’s into ‘want’s. This typography trailer is for the new book, You Are Not So Smart, and is featured on The HighDefinite and Devour


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Mar 302011

Apparently, she really liked Ryan. Only a drunk girl would comment on a guy’s shirt being cute. So what’s more embarrassing than leaving a drunk voicemail? Leaving a drunk voicemail that’s almost three minutes long, to the wrong guy, and that guy posts it on YouTube. You keep thinking she’s done, but, no, she’s got more to say.

Update: Here’s a funny response video of  ‘Ryan’ reacting to checking his voice mail.

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