Jun 102012

Most graduation ceremonies are long, boring, and dull, as if the school is trying to give students one last taste of high school.

But that wasn’t the case at Eastwood High School in El Paso, Texas. They gave their graduates the opportunity to perform a synchronized celebration dance, titled I Had The Time Of My Life, to a mix of Black Eyed Peas hits. 

The video published by  is featured on TheFW, HuffingtonPost, and KissElPaso.


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Jan 052012

It’s been a while since the US government has embarrassed themselves in a grand way, but this newest gaffe that just surfaced is a doozy. After running away from home in Dallas, an American teenage girl was arrested in Houston for theft. After giving police a fake name that matches an illegal immigrants, she was deported to Columbia even though she spoke no Spanish and is an American citizen. But now that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE, has realized their mistake, the Colombians won’t give her back. The story is covered by JPMoore; read more on CBSNews.


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Dec 122011

The Holidays is on everyone’s mind now, but for some young people there is still one more obstacle in the way of Holiday fun and cheer – finals. But there’s nothing better to help relieve some of the stress of tests than a nice holiday study break. These University of Texas, Austin students really know how to blow off some steam. 


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Dec 032011

Rick Perry went viral in November at the CNBC Republican debate when he began a three item list of departments he would abolish as president, but couldn’t remember the last one. Perry chose to attack his mistake head on, and parodied himself in his new political ad that quickly went viral. 


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