Mar 022012

All dogs love to chase tennis balls. It’s the perfect size, shape, and smell for pups to get lost playing with it for hours. This black lab looves tennis balls, so when his owners got 300 of them from a tennis coach, they decided to surprise their pup with a storm of tennis balls all at once.

How does the doggy react? Like a kid locked in a candy store. The video is from 2008 and just went viral now, being featured on Neatorama, YouTubeTrends, TheDailyWhat, and IHaveSeenTheWholeInternet


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Jan 212012

Bugs and creepy crawlers are much bigger in Australia, and that became apparent at a recent match at the Australian Open. Lleyton Hewitt and Cedrik-Marcel Stebe had to stop playing because a huge night bug was on the court. A poor ball girl had to get rid of the bugger. 


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Jan 192012

The Australian Open is a stressful time for a tennis player to shine, so when Marcos Baghdatis was losing to Stanislas Wawrinka, it wasn’t that shocking when he started smashing his tennis rackets in frustration. He was down 2 sets and on the way to losing the match in the 3rd set, so to vent he smashed his tennis racket, and then another, and yet another, until he smashed four tennis rackets.


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