Jul 232015
Kids Adorably Fail At Explaining Adultery

Cheating and infidelity has been trending ever since the cheating hookup site AshleyMadison was hacked and information about its users were leaked. Of all the sites that you really, really don’t want your information security to be breached, it’s AshleyMadison. That inspired Jimmy Kimmel to send his crew to the streets of LA again to ask kids what they thought adultery meant. It’s no surprise this cute clip is going viral!


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Jul 202015
John Oliver Discusses Food Waste

As Americans, we are blessed with an abundance of food. We arguably have the access to more food now than at any time in history. But with all that food comes food waste. A lot of it!

John Oliver explains just how serious food waste is in America on this week’s segment of Last Week Tonight.


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Jul 172015
Amy Schumer Sent A Prank Text To Katie Couric’s Husband

While visiting Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Amy Schumer told a hilarious story from the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. Amy explained that she ended up sitting with Katie Couric during dinner. When Katie walked away, Amy noticed Katie’s phone was on table ready to text her husband. So she did what anyone else would do, and texted him a very dirty request for later that evening. Now, this hilarious story has gone viral!


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Jul 152015
Rod Stewart And ASAP Rocky Go Carpooling With James Corden

By far James Corden‘s most popular series on the new Late Late Show is his Carpool Karaoke bit in which he goes for a drive around Los Angeles with a famous celebrity singer or musician. In this special episode, viewers are privileged to have two guest celebrities, rock legend Rod Stewart and rapper ASAP Rocky.


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Jul 142015
Jimmy Fallon Explains The Horrifying Story How He Broke His Finger

As most of his fans already know, last week Jimmy Fallon unexpectedly cancelled his show after a freak accident. He seriously damaged his hand, but he is OK now and back on television. There has been a lot of speculation about what exactly happened, so Jimmy decided to finally explain how he hurt his finger. When he fell and went to the ER, he assume he just broke his finger. But it was much, much worse as his wedding ring literally pulled his finger offShudder


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