Dec 022013
Ron Burgundy Anchors Actual Newscast In North Dakota

Viewers of KXNews in North Dakota were treated to a special newscast with the one and only Ron Burgundy as a guest anchor. 

Amber Schatz shared her desk with Ron and did a decent job of holding back her laughter throughout the humorous news report.

South Florida Sports Network put together this supercut of the newcast. Watch the entire newscast here


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Nov 242013
Football Team Rally Around Bullied First Grader Water Boy

This feel good news report by WCVB Channel 5 Boston has gone viral over the weekend with 1.2 million hits so far! 

First grader Danny Keith is the Bridgewater water boy for the fifth grader’s football team. He has a speech impediment and doesn’t dress particularly cool, and has subsequently become a victim to bullying. 

But his football band of brothers weren’t going to have their water boy messed with, so they rallied around Danny to show how much they love him and defend his honor.


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Nov 232013
Jimmy Kimmel Mocks LA Local News ‘Stormwatch’

Sunny Los Angeles rarely gets any precipitation, but when they do, all hell breaks loose.

The West Coast has recently experienced a few drops and showers, and the local news of LA didn’t hesitate to make it seem like Armageddon was just around the corner.

Jimmy Kimmel couldn’t help but mock the news for going so over the top.  


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Nov 222013
Ellen Replaces Don Draper’s Cigarettes With Party Horns On ‘Mad Men’

Yesterday was the Great American Smoke Out when smokers are encouraged to try and not light up for the whole day in the hopes that they quit. 

To promote the healthy day, Ellen decided to see what the popular AMC show Mad Men would look like without cigarettes. As the show takes place in the 1960′s, Don Draper almost always has a smoke in his mouth.

So Ellen replaced his cigs with party horns.

Ahh, much better.  



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Nov 222013
Celebrities Read Mean Tweets Part 5

Jimmy Kimmel Live has once again invited famous celebrities to read mean tweets about themselves that are posted by their ‘fans’ on Twitter. 

This is the fifth episode of the mean tweets series, and the Internet is still gobbling it up.

Celebrities are people too.  


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