Dec 052013
Conan Auditions For TV Commercials

Conan O’Brien visited commercial master Cillian in Hollywood to learn how to audition and act properly in a commercial. 

Conan confessed that he wanted to book commercials on the weekends in case his late night program fails. 

As expected, the extended bit is hilarious and is trending online today. 


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Dec 042013
Ron Burgundy Interviews Peyton Manning On SportsCenter

Has there ever been this much hype for a Hollywood sequel? 

Ron Burgundy, played by Will Ferrell, continues to appear in real life media to promote his new movie Anchorman 2.

After co-anchoring the news in North Dakota, and hosting the curling championship in Canada, Ron was invited onto ESPN‘s SportsCenter to interview quarterback Peyton Manning.

Naturally, the silly interview is going viral. 


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Dec 042013
Jimmy Kimmel Invites Detroit Pistons Dancing Usher And Dancing Boy Onto His Show

Besides for Ellen, Jimmy Kimmel might be one of the biggest fans of the Internet on TV. He just loves to bring memes and people gone viral onto his show. 

After seeing the hilarious and mega viral impromptu dance off between a boy and a stadium usher at a recent Detroit Pistons game, Jimmy invited the two onto his late night program to have a not so impromptu, but still awesome dance off.


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Dec 042013
This Guy Had To Make A Project For Spanish Class. So He Made The Most Epic Homemade Spanish Soap Opera

Redditor TechSis says that his class was asked to prove they could speak Spanish with a homework project. 

While most of his classmates simply made a song, he went all out with this epic, homemade Spanish soap opera

The cheesy music, the love triangle, the shameless promotion of Taco Bell. It’s just perfect. 



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Dec 032013
Aziz Ansari’s Saris Holiday Commercial

Looking for a great holiday gift for that special someone but can’t find anything unique that sticks out from the crowd?

How about the Aziz Ansari sari

That’s right! Give the gift of a traditional Indian robe with Aziz’s face plastered all over it. 

While being hosted by Conan, Aziz touted his sari in this hilarious, pun-packed mock commercial

Too bad this isn’t in stores. Yet…


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