Jun 032014
John Oliver On Net Neutrality

The issue of Net Neutrality just won’t go away. The giant corporations that serve the Internet don’t want all data to be equal. They want to charge more money to open ‘faster’ Web lanes. The problem is, the small guy will quickly be squeezed out. This clip of John Oliver covering the Net Neutrality issue in the way only he can on his new HBO late night show Last Week Tonight has been trending, and has already amassed over half a million hits!



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Jun 032014
Nine Year Old Prodigy Adrian Romoff Plays Piano On America’s Got Talent

Adrian Romoff is only nine years old, but he is already starting high school! The child prodigy is also an incredible piano player. He impressed the America’s Got Talent audience and judges with his mature skills, and of course advanced to the next round on the famous talent show.  


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Jun 022014
Paddy And Nico Dance On Britain’s Got Talent

Over a month ago, eighty year old Paddy and her much younger dance partner Nico blew up on the Internet after performing an intense salsa dance. No one expected an eighty year old woman to move like that! That video stands with over 23 million hits! The Internet wan’t satisfied, and wanted to see more impressive salsa dancing! Lucky for the Web, Paddy And Nico are happy to oblige. The two dancers are trending again after their latest performance was posted on the Britain’s Got Talent YouTube channel. 


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May 262014
Jonah Hill’s Awkward Car Ride With Morgan Freeman

While visiting The Graham Norton Show, actor and comedian Jonah Hill recalled an awkward story from his early acting years. He was in a movie with Morgan Freeman and the two spent three days taping for a scene in the car. But besides for their lines, the two didn’t talk at all. Awkward… 

But just when it couldn’t get any more uncomfortable for the young actor, Morgan said the weirdest thing ever. 


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May 242014
Before They Were on Mad Men

AMC’s Mad Men is one of television’s most popular shows. Viewers can’t help but travel back to the 60′s once a week with Don Draper and the gang. But what was the gang doing before they were on Mad MenBuzzFeed wanted to find out, so they sifted through the past of the all the Mad Med actors and made this trending video.


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