Nov 152012

Gustavo Almadovar is a local news reporter at channel 9 Eye Witness News in Orange County with a big online presence. He already has such a unique name and it is only exaggerated by the way he pronounces it, always moving his head at the start of ‘Almadovar.’ 

This video compilation of the reporter signing off by closing with his name was published way back in 2008, but it has only now gone viralviral. In the past few days, the video has amassed over 350,000 views, and has been covered on popular blogs, like TheDailyWhat, DailyPicks, IrenesInternet, and 22Words


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Nov 152012

This  report from Monday has gone viral, amassing over 75,000 views so far. The narrator explains that Russian grandmother and shepherdess Aishat Maksudova proved what country she belongs to by killing an attacking wolf with just her bare hands and an axe. 


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Nov 132012

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor is almost as controversial as the president who nominated her, namely Barack Obama. His supporters, of course, cherish her, while his adversaries are obviously not such fans. 

So naturally, when Justice Sotomayor made a guest appearance on  recently, her short clip posted on YouTube went viralviral.

Already, the video from last weekend has over a quarter million views, and is further featured on popular news sites, such as Salon, Washington Post, NBC Latino, and Huffington Post

Fans are loving the fact that the first Latina Supreme Court Justice made it clear that, “Pretending to be a princess is fun, but it is definitely not a career.” She then listed all the careers available for a little girl to choose, from teacher to doctor, to even Supreme Court Justice. 


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Nov 122012

Why doesn’t MTV play music videos anymore?‘ is the mantra of a all 80’s and 90’s kids. It’s been a complaint since the glorious 1990’s ended.

Thankfully, sketch comedy artists Brian and Maria finally tell the world the truth.

The only reason music videos took were ever produced back then was to sell CD’s and other related merchandise. Now that downloading, done legally or not, is the norm, why would any company waste money creating an expensive music videos to be played MTV?

The only music videos that are actually produced these days are packed with product placement–the only way to get the video funded in the first place–and are all available at the click of the mouse on YouTube and iTunes.

The question should be ‘Why would MTV play music videos anymore?’ …

Exactly. No reason.  

Now, why does MTV play crappy, fake, stupid reality TV shows all day? Because the viewers eat it up to feel superior. And it’s true, just look at the ratings. 

The video went viral over the weekend, amassing over 425,000 views, and appearing on popular sites like Mashable, UpRoxx, and TastefullyOffensive

YouTuber docarii put it best: “…I think this is going viral… …among people born before ’95… “


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Nov 102012

Korean pop star PSY has been making his rounds on popular TV programs in America after his hit sensation Gangnam Style went viralviral.

PSY was recently scheduled to be a guest on The View, and of course performed his hit single for all the cheering fans.

What most people watching TV at home don’t see are the preparations of the behind the scenes staff. They have to double check everything, and even perform a dance rehearsal of the performance to make sure all the lights and sounds are in order. 

Naturally, Teddy the Korean guy working at the The View volunteered to act as PSY during the dance rehearsal. Teddy did an impressive job, which was exaggerated by his two ‘dancers’ behind him who barely moved at all.

Forget PSY, the Internet wants Teddy!


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