Feb 112013

The British car show Top Gear has been steadily growing in popularity over the years. Now, there is the not so popular American version, and even a new Korean one

For a recent segment on Top Gear Korea, Kim Jin Pyo raced a Corvette ZR1 against an AH1 Cobra helicopter “in true Top Gear style.” But after winning the race, tragedy occurred. 

The helicopter suddenly crashed into the ground to the shock and horror of Kim Jin Pyo. He could only stare with his mouth open for a few moments before regaining his composure, slamming the car into park, and running towards the crash scene as alarm sirens rang. 


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Feb 092013

Cara Chan posted this clip from the Today Show last week, and now it stands with over 3.9 million views. Apollo Robbins, the gentleman thief, is a world famous pick pocket who travels around showcasing his ‘craft.’

When you pick people’s pockets on stage and give the stolen items back, it can be a very productive career. Just don’t practice on people without their previous knowledge. 


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Feb 092013

It’s already happened. Just as Gangnam Style is being put to sleep, another Internet meme craze has begun to sweep across users’ newsfeeds and email inboxes. 

The Harlem Shake dance.

The latest to perform the outrageous dance is the KSLA news crew. Naturally, the clip is going viral after Harlem Shake reuploaded it to YouTube


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Feb 082013

By now, most online viewers have seen or heard of Kai, the hatchet wielding hitchhiker who stopped a crazed man claiming to be Jesus. The famous Auto The News Guys have already featured his news clip in a remix.  

Now, Jessob Reisbeck of Fox 26 KMPH revisits the short lived hero turned web celebrity in this new trending news clip.


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Feb 072013

We’ve all seen it before. After going viral, Internet celebs are notorious for cashing in on their short lived fame by starring in web based commercials.

And good for them! They deserve some green after entertaining so many people worldwide. 

Double Rainbow-famous Yosemite Bear appeared in a Microsoft ad a while back, and Bed Intruder famous Antoine Dodson starred in a sex offender tracking app, too. 

Sweet Brown is most known for her famous ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’ comments when interviewed for the news, and has no problem cashing in on her saying. She’s already starred in one commercial months ago for 18002sellinghomes

Now, the web-celeb is back, this time starring in a made for TV commercial for Shortline Dental. Ain’t nobody got time for a toothache! 

(Miss Brown is so famous, Beyonce actually quoted her on TV recently after the Superbowl.)


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