Aug 182011

French actor Gerard Depardieu was all over the news yeterday when it was reported he peed on an airplane floor, because the crew told him he would have to wait to use the bathroom. Anderson Cooper covered the story and kept adding in cheesy puns that he couldn’t help from laughing at. By the end, Cooper is rolling on the floor laughing. The video is featured on Guyism and StuffIStole




CNN version:


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Aug 172011

Anne Hathaway is a young, sweet actress, famous from movies like The Princess Diaries. She’s very talented, but the last thing you’d expect from her is an intense Lil’ Wayne style rap telling the paparazzi to back off. She went on Conan and rocked out, shocking the audience, and viewers at home. 


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Aug 142011

First, there was a the viral video of the cow running through the streets of Queens. Now this video of a bull running through Auburn, Texas has gone viral. Of course, it’s not that shocking that a bull was loose in Aurburn- Texas is literally Cattle Country.

The police weren’t able to catch the raging bull, so they asked for help from the real pros. Legit cowboys sat on a police car hood, and hung out the window as they lassoed the bull up. In the end, they captured the bull, and no one, including the steer, were hurt. 



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Aug 112011

It’s kind of ironic that Rebecca Black, who does not have talent, was on America’s Got Talent last night. She ‘performed’ her hit song Friday, while really talented people tried to make  a name for themselves. I was glad to see the judges looked confused afterwards and didn’t really applause. 


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Aug 102011

This juvenile video of Barney Frank on MSNBC surprisingly went viral, because for a moment there is a sound that people think is a fart. I don’t think it’s a fart, and even if it is, it’s not that funny. It’s barely audible. 


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