May 082012

When you’re on TV first thing in the morning, you have to get ready really, really early. And there’s little room for delay. 

On the morning set for KTLA‘s early show, Megan Henderson must have woken up a little late, because her co-host, Chris Schauble, opened for the show with her seat empty. The video published by  is shared by StuffIStole, TVSpy, and IrenesInternet.


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May 032012

Comedian and Parks And Recreation star Aziz Ansari has been growing in popularity, and has just released his very own $5 online comedy show, Dangerously Delicious.    

As a way to market his show, Aziz hired a very close look a like to promote the new show on the streets. After being invited to Anderson Cooper’s lackluster new daytime show, Anderson, Aziz sent out his double instead of himself, and Cooper was fooled for a moment. 


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May 022012

NSFW – language, content

Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest project is The Dictator. Even though it isn’t really a secret that Cohen is playing the character, he does such a good job, everyone plays along.

He, as in The Dictator ‘himself,’ made a visit to Australia’s Nine Network Today morning show and things got a little too adult and controversial for a lighthearted morning show. He took things very far, and it’s awesome. 


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May 022012

Covering a news story on the streets can help the viewers feel more invested in a story, but there are risks for the crew. Besides for bad weather and the like, the worst part of reporting on the streets are the people.

You never know who you’re going to bump into. It could be the Crazy Spitting Lady of Chicago.

While trying to cover one of their ‘Did You Know’ segments in downtown Chicago, this unlucky WCIU news crew had the ‘pleasure’ of being greeted by the Crazy Spitting Lady.

After she finally left, the reporter couldn’t help himself. “I feel like I need hand sanitizer… Was that the weirdest exchange?” the reporter asks the cameraman while laughing. 


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Apr 292012

It seems like  has been hiring personel from the same marketing firm as Geico, because they have been cranking out some knock out viral sensations. First, DIRECTV had their ultra successful Opulence, I Has It commercials.

Now, they have started their “Don’t X” marketing campaign, and their newest commercial has already been picked up by 22Words and TheAwesomer.

“Don’t Have Your House Explode” warns viewers of the dangers of cable. If your picture freezes, you can become irritable, which can lead to a whole slew of other bad stuff.


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