Apr 212012

The nightly news is usually just a thirty minute marathon of darkness and depression, so this news report from  is a real breath of fresh air. 

Not only is it a happy ending story of a missing penguin being returned back to Sea World, but it’s also one of the funniest, most ridiculous stories to air on the news. 

Three drunk friends broke into Sea World, swam with the dolphins, stole a penguin, and recorded the entire adventure. The next day they woke up with a bad headache, and a freaking penguin in the living room. Talk about tripping out. 

The video is featured on Gawker and Syracuse


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Apr 202012

The Planet Earth series on BBC has been in the making for five years now, and brings the wonders of our world into people’s living rooms across the globe. 

As a playful gag,  enlisted the help of some adorable kids to narrate some scenes instead of the usual classically trained speaker. The results are just too precious to bear. 

The new video is featured on TheAtlantic, Buzzfeed, and Mashable.


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Apr 192012

Nineteen year old Daniel brought a very unique talent to the stage of Australia’s Got Talent. Most people have a comedy act or musical number they perform, but Daniel does something much different. He makes car sounds. 

It may sound juvenile, but the judges and audience just love it, especially the way he acts them out! The video is featured on car junkie blog Jalopnik


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Apr 182012

Rachael Leahcar is legally blind, but no one suspected a thing when she blew away the audience and judges on The Voice Australia. Singing the 1940’s classic French song La Vie En Rose, she inspired all four judges, who ironically couldn’t see her, to hit their big red buttons passing her through the competition. The video is featured on PerezHilton, HeraldSun, and MostWatched


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Apr 172012

 has gone full circle back to the 1950’s and has again made the television actual furniture again. Their new living room smart TV set consists of a TV with all of today’s standard features, plus a clean cabinet system to hide all your digital boxes and wires. The subwoofer is even a small box that can be moved anywhere. 

They call the system Uppleva, which just happens to mean ‘experience’ in Swedish. The brand new video is going viral after being featured on Reddit


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