Apr 022013

As Ellen was the voice actress for the blue sidekick Dory in Pixar‘s adorable animated film Finding Nemo, she of course, was hoping for a feature film sequel.

But as any half-decent Ellen fan knows, after years and years of countless other movie sequels, Ellen was starting to get worried she wouldn’t get her second chance in the ocean. 

Finally, Pixar and Disney have conceded. There will be a second Finding Nemo story, focused around Ellen’s character, titled Finding Dory.

Jen Cornwell is a cautious and cynical web viewer, and comments, “*Checks date to see if april fools joke*” 


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Apr 022013

Jimmy Fallon is known for not locking his humor in a box. His Late Night program is definite evidence of this. Just last week, he and his celebrity guests Blake Shelton and Nick Offerman performed the popular hit single Ho Hey by The Lumineers wearing chicken suits

Better, or perhaps worse, yet, they ‘sang’ using only ‘clucks’ and ‘bawks.’

Now, the ridiculous performance has gone viral, garnering over 830,000 views.


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Mar 312013

With such powerful social media in the hands of the individual, entertainers can finally bypass the agents, bureaucracy, and politics of show business, and just publish themselves on YouTube

Croatian stand up comedian, TV actor, and all around entertainer Ivan Saric says that he’s been watching Jon Stewart’s popular Daily Show for over eight years now. He loves it so much, he wants to join the crew of Jon’s Senior Correspondents. 

He knows it’s a new world, so instead of following ‘the rules’ and sending in his resume to Comedy Central, Ivan just published his very own application video online, appropriately titled Hire Me Jon Stewart.

In just one week, the video has accumulated over a quarter million views, and is 


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Mar 312013

To promote the second season of their popular show Dumt & Farligt – Again, Euro TV station Zululicious published this highlights reel of super slow motion footage from the second season of the Danish TV show. As the web can’t get enough of super slow motion footage, the two week old compilation video has already collected over half a million views


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Mar 302013

NSFW Warning – language

In this hilarious new viral video, Extremely Decent Films beautifully parodies what nearly every cable company commercial sounds and feels like, with the same upbeat clean styling, but a more honest direction. 

After asking viewers if they want a fast, reliable connection with only the best 24/7 service, the host then says, “F*** you, you’ll take what we give you.”

Viewers are loving the finally honest twist on the lies they watch and read everyday in cable company media advertisements. If you’re going to screw us over, at least be honest about it.

Already, the four day old video stands with over 725,000 views, and has been covered on Mashable, UpRoxx, Neatorama, and Gizmodo.   


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