May 212013

By now, most online users have seen at least one outraged friend on Facebook share something about the recent controversy surrounding the fashion apparel company Abercrombie & Fitch after it came to light that the CEO purposefully does not cater to plus sizes shoppers. 

The Internet has since erupted with outrage, with some attempting to create a Fitch The Homeless campaign. 

But Abercrombie especially rubbed Internet queen Ellen DeGeneres the wrong way. After hearing about the CEO’s policies, Ellen could only react with, “Oh Fitch, please!” 

Her monologue on the issue has since gone viral over the weekend, currently standing with over two million views, and over 20,000 likes


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May 202013

Band Of Voices is the latest musical group on Britain’s Got Talent to go viral over the weekend. The a cappella quintet blew away the audience and judges covering the hit single Price TagAlready, the video has collected over 400,000 views


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May 202013

For decades, the news media has been evolving into the outrageous monstrosity it resembles today. So one can only imagine how horrific our world, and the news media that covers it, will be in the year 2137. 

Thankfully, the creative minds at The Onion had no trouble imagining the nightmare that will become the human existence in a little over a century. They give viewers a taste of the darkness in this Future News From The Year 2137 piece. 


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May 192013

The cheetah has long been known as the world’s fastest land animal, but few understand just how incredible the cat must be to hold such an impressive title.

The average cheetah can accelerate to 75 MPH in just three seconds, the time it takes for just three strides. Every part of the cheetah is built for speed, from its light weight body to its flat head.

The big cat runs so fast, its legs spend more time in the air than on the ground.

Now, this video by Smithsonian Channel from last October is going viral only now since the weekend. 


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May 172013

How many love-themed reality TV shows have there been? There’s been the Bachelor and then the Bachelorette. How else could Hollywood spin the same idea to churn out a coupe extra bucks?

Jimmy Kimmel thinks he has the answer. Instead of handing over the million dollar idea, he’s decided to produce it himself. 

Presenting the first episode of The Baby Bachelor. Instantly, the cute clip has gone viral, appearing on HuffPost, YouTubeTrends, PleatedJeans, and Today


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