Oct 292011

This video was posted online by  a month ago, but it just went viral now. It’s crazy to think that just a year ago, there was that whole late night debacle with Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien. Now, to celebrate Conan’s one year anniversary at TBS, Team Coco released this entrancing montage of a clip from every Conan episode this year packed into just four minutes. The results are truly epic. 


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Oct 272011

Comedian Will Ferrell was honored with the distinguished Mark Twain Comedy Award, and after he accepted it with roaring applause, he dropped the prize and it smashed into pieces. The band stopped, the crowd instantly stopped clapping, and everyone broke out into laugh. Ferrell immediately went into character, and was hilarious as expected. It’s only fitting to accept a prestigious comedy award by making a joke out of it. 

Click here to watch Will’s celebrity friends receive a special letter regarding the award. 


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Oct 252011

When you’re talking about frozen yogurt so early in the morning, you have to do something to stay entertained and awake. This funny anchorwoman lip dubs what her co-anchor is saying, and she does a great job too. The news should be more fun, especially when you’re not talking about anything serious.


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Oct 242011

Some TV news bloopers are brutal, like when a newsman broke a delicate ice sculpture he was reporting on. But for some reason, this not so funny news blooper is all over the place, and is really going viral on TheDailyWhat, SayOMG, and BoingBoing. A newswoman gave a side report on Fox 17 in Michigan, when the cameraman accidently pointed the camera at the anchor desk. The anchors didn’t know what to do, so they kind of just smiled at the camera, and gave a wave. 


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