Feb 282013

Popular animator and story teller Swoozie returns to the web to talk about his TV addiction. Like so many of us, he really gets sucked into a TV series if it’s good.

But when it’s all over, he feels like something important in his life just ended. Man, they gotta make a TV-anonymous. 


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Feb 272013

Porsche is, of course, one of the world’s most famous and esteemed automobile companies. But apparently, the company has decided that’s not enough, and has begun to expand its horizons and tinker in an entirely different market segment.

Big screen TVs.

A few months ago, they unveiled the C SEED 201the biggest outdoor LCD screen in the world! The massive screen covers over 200 inches with light emitting diodes, retracts into the ground for safe keeping, and is of course completely waterproof. 

Appropriately, the newest James Bond flick Skyfall plays during the advert


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Feb 262013

The web’s favorite, and arguably only, Bad Lip Reading channel has returned to serve up another delicious smorgasbord of BLR delights. 

The channel has actually grown so popular, the Spirit Awards approached them, and asked them to make a special Spirit Awards-themed bad lip reading spoof.

Naturally, the parody lip readings of the best screenplay nominees has gone viral. 


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Feb 262013

Ironically, just after going viralviral for an embarrassing kiss at a Nascar race, 50 Cent has again climbed the trending viral video ladder.

The hip hop star teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel Live to star in this hilarious Zero Dark Fiddy spoof of the Hollywood blockbuster Zero Dark Thirty that has instantly gone viral. 


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Feb 262013

Nascar and hip hop may not seem like they mix well, but that didn’t stop the one and only 50 Cent from enjoying some Nascar racing last weekend.

All sporting and Nascar fans know Erin Andrews well, so it was extra awkward when big rap star tried to give her a kiss. She didn’t seem to be ready for it, and recieved the awkward kiss as best she could. 

50 didn’t seem too happy with how the kiss ended either. Incredibly, this official NASCAR video of the event has already allocated over 1.5 million hits! The video is also featured on USAToday, Mashable, E!Online, and BleacherReport


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