Sep 072012

Remember Nguyen, the kid who starred in the the near perfect Snuggie adaptation of Beyonce’s hit single Countdown that went viral?

 sure didn’t forget him. They were such fans of his hit viral video, MTV invited him to this year’s Video Music Awards. They also asked him to help star in a commercial for the award show.

Of course, Nguyen complied. The video is featured on TheDailyWhat and NOWmsn


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Sep 042012

Cutting up movies and TV shows and reediting the footage in music in a difficult task that, when done correctly, produces fantastic results. 

 is the publisher of the latest TV show cut-up music video to go viral. LaughingSquid reports the video is a success for mixing two Internet favorites, AMC’s hit TV show Mad Men and Rick Rolling

The viral video is also covered on UpRoxx, MashableTheDailyWhat, Nerdist, and TheAtlanticWire


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Aug 302012

With all three major cable news stations completely focused on Hurricane Irene, it’s only appropriate for this newly published video to go viral. 

 compiled all the best fail hurricane in the news clips from over the years into one ultimate fail video. For some reason, cable news thinks we want to see our reporter in the storm to believe what they are saying.

We believe you! Get out of there!

Actually, wait, no. We don’t believe you. Either you’re in the eye of the storm getting pummeled, or you’re acting like it’s a serious storm, but we see the guys in bathing suits having fun behind you, so…


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Aug 262012

Most singers and performers on all The X Factor’s Got A Talented Idol shows have the same sparkly, glamorous look. And there’s always one or two people who remind us to not judge a book by its cover. 

That latest performer to show us that dressing ‘hot’ and singing about the club isn’t the only way to win over an audience is Lucy Spraggan. The twenty year old Brit performed her own witty ode to drinking too much the night before, titled Last Night, on the British .

The thirsty audience loved her humor and style, and jumped to their feet in applause. The judges commented how the song could be a number one record, bringing more than a tear to Lucy’s eye. 

 Read more on Metro and Mirror


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Aug 232012

This goofy vintage clip from the Price Is Right was published by  back in May, and has instantly gone viral over the past few days. Now the clip has over 200,000 hits, and is featured on WhatsTrending, Gawker, LAWeekly, and HipsterJew

Apparently, comedian Josh Androsky and his friend partook in hallucinogenic mushrooms before going to the Price Is Right. Josh was chosen, and won a chance to get on stage. He declared that he was a Skateboard Rabbi. Amazing. 


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