Jul 112012

You may not have heard the Earth shattering news, but R. Kelly, the hip hop star who allegedly peed on an underage girl, has just published an autobiography

Knowing a proper and prestigious book like this one requires a proper reading,  employed world famous actor Gary Oldman to perform a reading of the autobiography on his late night show.

The video is covered on MTV, BroBible, BuzzFeed, and CBSNews


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Jul 092012

Like all news networks, Canadian  channel broke the news of a crime from the day before. Except this ‘crime report’ was as Canadian as it gets.

Apparently, two drunk college girls spotted a bag of very rare Canadian BBQ potato chips in someone’s garage on their walk home from the bars. They stole a bag and started munching on their way only to be stopped by police after the home owner heard noise. 

Even Sergeant Dean Jantzen offering the report couldn’t help but laugh when commenting, “These are first time chip offenders.”


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Jun 292012

With the American media getting all excited about the recent heat wave across the Midwest and East Coast, one weatherman in Virginia thought he would take things a step further. Instead of just reporting the up to triple digit temps, he reported on a volcano eruption in Charlottesville, Virginia and a hurricane that “will be deflected by Godzilla.” Temperatures hit up to 400 degrees! Best weather report ever!

And he does it all with such a straight face. He basically pulled off a perfect The Onion style faux weather report. If only all weather reports were done in satire, the ratings would be through the roof. 


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Jun 292012

With today’s 24 hour cable news cycle, the news has evolved into a monster unrecognizable to the respected establishment it once was just a few decades ago. Today, news stories resemble action movies more than actual journalism.

Faux cable news channel  takes a jab at the media establishment that often focuses more on the excitement of the story than the actual content in this breaking ‘news story’ that is so new, the reporter doesn’t even have any information yet


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Jun 272012
Egg Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette is the suicidal shooting game where two players take turns pulling the trigger of a gun against their temple that has just one bullet in its chamber.

Egg Russian Roulette is the safer, and only slightly less stupid version of the game where players smash an against their forehead. Only one is raw, while the rest are hard boiled. The nail biting “news” segment from  is featured on HuffingtonPost, SayOMGMirror, and TastefullyO.


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