Apr 242013

TLC, the cable television channel famous for bringing the world Honey Boo-Boo, and countless other weird and interesting folks, is back with a new series, My Crazy Obsession.

In this promotional clip for the show, the Best family demonstrates for the camera why they are known as The Strongest Family In The World.

Eleven year old Dylan can dead lift over 150 pounds. Five year old Jessica can perform one-handed push ups, and lift one hundred pounds with ease. And don’t even get started with super heavy lifters mom and dad


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Apr 232013

NSFW Warning language 

First days are tough, be it the first day of Kindergarten, high school, or work. Everyone gets a little nervous, but few have the butterflies like AJ Clemente.

The fresh anchor from the east coast was barely on the air for a second before nervously cursing under his breath that was caught by a hot mic. His co-anchor couldn’t help but get tongue tied as well. 

Mkrogen downloaded the news clip and posted it on YouTube, and now in just one day the clip has been seen over one million times

That’s embarrassing. Already, he has been fired, reports ABCNews, and has tweeted, “Rookie mistake. I’m a free agent.Cant help but laugh at myself and stay positive.Wish i didnt trip over my “Freaking Shoes” out of the gate.”



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Apr 232013

Most kids don’t relish church, but rare few would dare steal a care to escape Sunday School.

Well, TurboDally posted this news report over the weekend about a seven year who hated church so much, he did just that, stealing his dad’s Dodge. Police were called when a witness saw the kid driving through a stop sign. 

Lucky for all, no one was hurt, or charged. 

YouTuber Fox Trot couldn’t help but be reminded of a popular video game, adding, “GTA mission completed with no cheat code.”


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Apr 232013

When the Internet finds a TV series to obsess over, it goes all out. So after viewers have re-watched all the available Game Of Thrones episodes on Netflix, and have heard all the countless musical theme covers on YouTube, fans must turn to even more obscure ways to further enjoy their favorite show.

Cue, mashing up the introduction with favorite TV shows from the past. Like Friends. It’s been done before, but Yues Woman‘s Game Of Thrones-Friends mashup has just gone viral today. 


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Apr 232013

Everyone knows that hipsters absolutely love talking about obscure and unknown musicians. Naturally, the Coachella musical festival in the California desert was crawling with hipsters. 

Being the hilarious meany he is, Jimmy Kimmel sent his camera crew to the party to ask fans about bands… that don’t exist. As evident by this now viral video, it wasn’t too difficult to find hipsters super-psyched about completely made up musicians. 


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