Jul 312014
Jimmy Fallon Rolls With Heidi Klum

Jimmy Fallon has pulled off what millions of young men can only dream of. While hosting German supermodel Heidi Klum on The Tonight Show, Jimmy and Heidi asked their viewers if they wanted to see how they roll. The two then rolled around on the floor in an adorable mess.


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Jul 282014
John Oliver On Nuclear Weapons

In the 1950′s and 60′s, people were truly terrified of nuclear annihilation. Today, that all seems so ridiculous and dated. Who’s actually afraid of being hit by an atomic bomb? But as John Oliver explains on his late night show Last Week Tonight, the threat is more real than ever today. 



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Jul 252014
Morgan Freeman Chats with Jimmy While Breathing Helium

Everyone loves to breathe in Helium and enjoy the giggly, altered voice it causes for a few brief moments. But when someone with such a famous voice as Morgan Freeman does it, it’s viral gold! While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Morgan and Fallon enjoyed some Helium together, and now this hilarious clip is going viral as the weekend begins with over 1.5 million views already!


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Jul 242014
Fools Are Tricked Into Thinking Cheap Watch Is Apple’s New iTime Smart Watch

Sadly, it seems there are many fools among us. To demonstrate this yet again, Jimmy Kimmel sent his camera crew to the streets of Los Angeles to show passersby the new smart watch by Apple. Except Apple hasn’t introduced a smart watch yet. It’s just a cheap, everyday, $20 watch from Casio. You know, the kind that has been around since the 80′s?

So will people really be fooled into thinking this is a new smart watch from Apple just because there’s an Apple insignia on it? 


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Jul 212014
John Oliver On The American Prison System

The USA has a serious prison problem. It’s shocking to learn, but America actually has more prisoners than China! You know the ‘evil’ communist country with over one billion citizens. So when did American become the prison capital of the world and why did our free country turn out this way? John Oliver of Last Week Tonight covers the topic in this viral segment


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