Jul 242014
How Playing An Instrument Helps Your Brain

Scientists have realized that learning to play an instrument is more beneficial than we once thought before. As Anita Collins of TED-Ed explains, playing a musical instrument activates nearly every section of the brain at once. The fine motor skills required to play an instrument use both hemispheres for the brain. So every time you play the piano you are really engaging in a brain work out!


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Jul 152014
What Makes Tattoos Permanent

Tattoos go back thousands of years in human history. But how exactly does the art work? As humans, we are constantly shedding our skin. So why don’t tattoos slowly fade away? TED-Ed explains in this viral video that it is actually our body’s self defense mechanisms that cause the ink to become permanent.  


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Jun 242014
What Gives A Dollar Bill Its Value

Back in the day, the dollar was connected to silver and gold. The older dollar bills even say ‘silver certificate.’ But that all changed during the Nixon administration. Now all money is fiat, meaning it has value based only on federal law. TED-Ed explains the complex story behind what gives a paper dollar bill actual value.  


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Apr 282014
How Tsunamis Work

Tsunamis have been in the news far too many times over the past few years for their devastating effects on coastal cities. One of Japan’s nuclear power plants was recently slammed by a tsunami and the country is still dealing with clean up. But how does a tsunami work? What is occurring that causes the water to grow up to 100 feet high before slamming cities and towns? 

Alex Gendler of TED-Ed explains the science behind tsunamis in this trending video


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