May 222015
Man Win Record For Longest Flight On Real Hoverboard

Now that we’re in 2015, there’s been a lot of talk about hover boards since Marty McFly flew on one in Back to the Future when he traveled to 2015. We’ve seen fakes and prototypes for possible real ones. But it seems we’ve finally found a real one. Guinness World Records has officially given Catalin Alexandru Duru the award for the longest flight on a very real hover board. Sure it’s not as cool as the one from Back to the Future, but it’s a start! 


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May 212015
Pizza Hut Explains The Dangers Of Selfie Sticks

Selfies have become so normalized that you can even find smartphone accessories to help take better self obsessed photos called a selfie stick. But now selfie sticks have gotten out of control. South Korea even banned them! In a smart marketing move, Pizza Hut pokes fun at this popular trending with this new PSA commercial that explains the dangers of the selfie stick. 


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May 172015
Guys Attach Fireworks To Quadrocopter To Make It An Attack Drone

Attack drones bombing terrorists in the Middle East have been the in the news recently. That got Andy Stewart and his buddies thinking. What if they made their own version of an attack drone with a remote control quadrocopter armed with Roman Candle fireworks? The drone also had a video camera recording all of the action. Ya, definitely don’t try this one at home. 


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May 162015
Look At Your Phone Music Video

Back in the day, only the wealthy had cellphones, and the technology was terribly slow and ineffective. Times sure have changed. Now, even middle schoolers have their own smartphones that have more power than the computers of just a few years ago. 

But are we better off today? Barely Political pokes fun at everyone’s obsession with their smartphones in this humorous music video, Look at Your Phone


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May 152015
Camera Equipped Quadrocopter Follows You Around

Back in the day, only big studios could record glorious video from the air using expensive camera equipment. But today, the common YouTuber can create cinematic footage taken from the sky with the help of a drone and a talented pilot. Now that task is even easier with the new Lily camera. Video creators don’t even need a pilot for this special drone that intuitively will follow you around constantly recording your every move

This video has gone viral with over 2.5 million hits this week!


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