Oct 012014
Computer Generated Face Is Surprisingly Realistic

As the camera pans out, Ed appears to look like any other good looking man. But look closer. He has no body! The entire sequence is computer generated! It’s amazing how far 3D modeling has come over the years. This work in progress was created by Chris Jones using Lightwave, Sculptris and Krita.


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Sep 302014
The Dancing Traffic Light

Everyone hates waiting at the pedestrian traffic light. Many simply run across the street when they find a break in traffic. But that’s not safe. To make waiting more pleasant, Smart Car invented the dancing traffic light. Instead of featuring a static ‘red man’ as the don’t walk symbol, their dancing light showcases a real, dynamic dancing man. The dance was actually created in real time by dancing volunteers. 

This video was published in the summer, but it has only gone viral now with over 6 million new views!


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Sep 292014
Underwater Unboxing Of Sony Xperia Z3

As the new Sony Xperia Z3 smartphone is waterproof, Carphone Warehouse decided to perform an unorthodox unboxing of the device. They opened the phone underwater. Wearing a scuba mask, the host unboxes the phone from start to finish at the bottom of a swimming pool. This unique video has gone viral with over half a million hits.


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Sep 242014
iPhone 6 Plus Easily Bends In Bend Test

Unsurprisingly, the brand new iPhone 6 has been the best selling iPhone yet. But there is also some bad news. Reports have come out that users have discovered their iPhone 6 Plus had become bent after keeping it in their pocket. Unbox Therapy wanted to test those reports, and discovered that the new iPhone 6 Plus actually is very susceptible to bending.  


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Sep 232014
Knock Knock Music Video Made On 14 Screens

This unique music video by the Brunettes Shoot Blondes for their song Knock Knock has instantly gone viral with over one million views! The music video stands out from the rest by seamlessly telling a story with 14 different smartphones and tablets that paint a picture together in perfect unison. 


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