Feb 112016
Nerd Makes Classic Nintendo Game Duck Hunt In Virtual Reality

It can be argued that Duck Hunt was one of the first virtual reality video games for the home. It was the first time you could take a toy gun and actually aim and shoot a target on your TV. Now that real, authentic VR is on our doorstep, Joseph Delgado has given the classic game a new birth. Duck Hunt on a real VR game! 


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Feb 102016
Russian Sherp ATV Is A Beast

Most people don’t realize just how gigantic Russia is. And the climate is brutal. So the Russians can’t just use any old Humvee or Jeep for their military. Instead, they have a new Sherp all terrain vehicle that is an absolute monster!

This video has gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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Feb 102016
Lego Machine Folds And Launches Paper Airplane

Ah, the paper airplane. It’s been around for almost as long as paper has. But only now with modern technology can you not only have a machine build a paper airplane for you, but also launch it! 

Arrow Five Years Out demonstrates in this viral video. 


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Feb 102016
Dad Face Swapping With Family Is Creepy Yet Hilarious

Oh, what a time we live in! With just a simple smart phone app, you can now swap your face with someone else in real time. Woodsie TV tried out the new app in this creepy yet hilarious video which has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Feb 062016
Locksmith Opens Safe In Less Than 5 Seconds

As his name implies, Mr. Locksmith is a lock and key master. He knows that every lock can be bypassed, but the better the lock, the more difficult it is to break. But he’s found a new electronic safe from one of the largest safe manufacturers in America that he can open in just moments by using a super strong magnet. 


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