Mar 202015
Why Every New Macbook Needs A Different Charger

Fans love Apple for the company’s high tech gadgets and intuitive designs. But even Apple fans get annoyed when the world famous technology company changes the chargers for each new iteration of their phones and laptops for apparently no reason. Finally, College Humor explains why Apple does this in this new viral parody sketch


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Mar 172015
Imperial Speeder Bike Remote Control Drone

The Internet has seen the remote control Millennium Falcon and TIE Fighter. Now, Ajw61185 has just published this video featuring a remote control Imperial speeder bike. There’s even a camera on board to record some very cool biker perspective video.

This clip has gone viral with over 600,000 views


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Mar 152015
Kids React To VCR’s And Tapes

Back in the day, every Generation X and Y kids lived on VCR’s and VHS tapes. For more than two decades, the VCR dominated the living room. There were a few home video formats before it, but they were expensive, cumbersome, and didn’t take off. With the VCR, you could watch movies at home, and even record live television. 

By today’s standards, the VCR in an antique! The kids of today don’t know how good they have it with cable television DVR’s, Netflix, and YouTube. To test the kids of today, The Fine Brothers had a group of children attempt to use a VCR for the first time. Most don’t even know how to load the tape! 


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Mar 132015
Photoshop Experts Try Using Photoshop 1.0

Photoshop has become the generic term for any type of digital retouching. The popular picture editing program debuted way back in 1990 when personal computers were just beginning to take over. So how will Photoshop experts of today react when they try out the original program, Photoshop 1.0? CreativeLive wanted to find out, so they commissioned this video that has gone viral. 


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Mar 122015
Apple ‘Engineer’ Explains Why The Brand New Macbook Is Awful

Apple’s brand new Macbook has people in the technology world shocked. The laptop is incredibly thin, but at what cost? The computer has a very weak chip, one that is found in older tablets. And there’s only one port! What in the world?!

Techy Armando Ferreira made this critique video of a man speaking in Spanish with hilariously edited subtitles that has gone instantly viral. 


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