Oct 312014
Microsoft Band Commercial

Tech companies have been struggling to debut the next big thing. Now that nearly everyone has a smartphone and tablet, they have been trying to create a new market of wearable tech. Apple recently announced their new watch and Samsung has their android Gear. Now, Microsoft is entering the arena with their newly announced Microsoft Band. Consumers seem impressed so far, but only time will tell if Band will take off. 


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Oct 302014
Handwrytten Robot Typewriter Writes What You Type

As we continue into the future, people often look back into the past and romanticize the simpler days. Like writing someone a letter. Today, people text, instant message, and email. Who has time to actually hand write a letter? But there’s just something magical about holding a letter from someone that is handwritten.

Thankfully, Handwrytten is here to help. The app allows people to type a quick message which will be ‘hand’ written by a handwriting typewriter robot. 


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Oct 282014
Google Glass Is Only Good For The Camera Short Film

Most people have heard of the facial mini-computer called Google Glass, but few have ever seen or used one. Filmmaker Casey Neistat got his hands on a set of Google Glass, and finally gave it a test run during a trip to Europe. He really likes it, but admits that it’s only good for the camera and that the battery life is weak. 


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Oct 272014
Supra Breaks Speed Record, Hitting 240 MPH In 6 Seconds

The Toyota Supra has always been a tuner favorite. Now, the Ekanoo Racing Outlaws have broken a world record with their special tuned Supra. At this year’s Bahrain National Drag Racing Championship at the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir, driver Gary White drove the Toyota into the world record books by hitting 240 MPH in just six seconds! The front wheels even lift off the ground for a moment. This clip featuring the drag race has gone viral with over 1.5 million hits!


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Oct 242014
Riding The New Very Real Hoverboard

Hendo Hover instantly went viral when they announced their proof of concept, very real hoverboard. That’s right, this is the real thing inspired by the 1980′s sci-fi flick Back To The Future IICNET had the very lucky opportunity to ride the new hoverboard and talk to creator and inventor Greg Henderson about what’s next for Hendo. 


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