Jan 222016
Teacher Makes Snow Day Parody Of Adele’s Hello

Every kids wishes for a blizzard in hopes that school will be cancelled. What most kids don’t realize is that teachers feel the exact same! Just in time for the historic blizzard which is about to pummel the mid-Atlantic east coast of America, Tennessee third grade teacher Mary Morris made this hilarious snow day parody of Adele’s hit single Hello. 


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Sep 142015
Professor Enters Classroom In The Same Way Everyday

Many teachers and professors are set in their ways. They’ve been doing their thing for years, if not decades, and like to repeat what works. This older professor likes to start his class everyday in the same way. With a nice ‘Hello’ as he strolls in holding his books. Classic. This clip has gone viral with over one million hits!


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Aug 252015
Every Teacher Ever

It’s hard to believe that August is almost over. It feels like it was just yesterday that we were all dealing with the frigid cold and snow. Now, school is starting again. That inspired the comedians at Smosh to make this silly sketch, covering Every Teacher Ever


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Jul 292015
Key & Peele Treats Teachers Like Pro Athletes In ‘TeachingCenter’ Spoof

People often complain how teachers are treated like dirt in our society who make very little money, while professional athletes are treated like heroes and rake in millions. It should be the other way around! Well now the Comedy Central geniuses of Key & Peele have imagined what a cable television channel might look like if we treated teachers like we do pro athletes. It’s not SportsCenter. It’s TeachingCenter. This new clip has gone viral with over one million hits already!


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Apr 022015
Math Teacher Fights With Himself In Hilarious Projection Show For April Fools

Matthew Weathers is famous online for his hilarious April Fools pranks he puts on for his class each year. He has millions of views for his hilarious projections shows and this year was no different. This time, he has a fight with the video version of himself on the class projection board. Well done good sir! He should be selling tickets to his class!


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