Oct 072015
Julianne Moore, John Stamos, And James Corden Star In Soap Opera Written By Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s lyrics might not be the best, but no other artist in the pop music world can top her songs. To demonstrate just how silly some of her lyrics are, James Corden decided to create a short soap opera using only the lyrics from Taylor’s most popular songs. Actors Julianne Moore and John Stamos star in the hilarious soap which is going viral. 


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Sep 222015
Todrick Hall Covers Taylor Swift’s Best Hits From 1989

Even if you aren’t a fan of Taylor Swift it’s nearly impossible to go anywhere without being exposed to her music. Be it at the grocery, or watching a commercial on TV, you can’t escape T-Swift. There’s no doubt her latest album, simply titled 1989, is her hottest, easily outselling her last albums. Musician Todrick Hall pays homage to 1989 with this catchy compilation cover.


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Sep 082015
Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Covered As Disturbed

Taylor Swift’s latest smash hit single Bad Blood already has a twinge of rock to it hidden underneath all the pop. Anthony Vincent‘s fans noticed this, so they requested that he cover the pop song as if it were written by the heavy metal rockers of Disturbed. Wow, not bad at all actually. He sounds just like David Draiman. 


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Aug 272015
Taylor Swift And Lisa Kudrow Perform ‘Smelly Cat’ During Concert

Nearly every Generation X and Millennial kid grew up watching Friends. Even if you’re not a fan of the world famous show, you’ve probably heard the ridiculous song Phoebe created called Smelly Cat. The song was terrible and Lisa Kudrow doesn’t really have the best voice, but that was all apart of the joke. So it’s no surprise the Internet is freaking out since Taylor Swift invited Lisa Kudrow on stage during her concert at the Staples Center and the two performed the nostalgic 90’s song.  


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Aug 062015
Taylor Swift Harry Potter Parody Mash Up

Weasley Sweaters is a talented actress who has a serious obsession with Harry Potter. For her latest project, she merged Harry Potter with one of her favorite pop stars, Taylor Swift. She recreated Taylor’s hit song Blank SpaceBad BloodWelcome to New York, and Shake it Off with a magically twist that has gone viral.  


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