Apr 162014
Taylor Swift Surprises Fan, Shows Up At Her Bridal Shower

When you send a giant world-wide pop star like Taylor Swift an invitation to your wedding, you don’t really expect them to show. It’s mostly wishful thinking. 

But one huge Taylor Swift fan was lucky enough to have the superstar actually attend her bridal shower. Taylor explains in this video she just posted that she wasn’t able to attend the wedding, but she would love to surprise her mega-fan Gena at her bridal shower. 


Naturally, this adorable video that Taylor published has instantly gone viral! 


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Jan 292014
Taylor Swift Attacked By Ryu At Grammys

Taylor Swift’s headbanging during her Grammy performance quickly went viral.  

YouTuber Twisted Genre spoofed the ‘spaz-out’ by digitally adding Ryu from Street Fighter to the scene to make it appear that he was the one responsible for her sudden headbanging. 

The silly parody has exploded with over 2 million hits already. 


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Oct 042013
Overly Attached Girl Recites Taylor Swift Lyrics

Laina, better know as the Overly Attached Girlfriend online, has returned to enlighten Taylor Swift fans. 

After reciting lyrics from many of Taylor’s popular songs, viewers are slowly realizing that it is Taylor Swift who is the truly over-attached one. 


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Sep 172013
Parents Surprise Daughter With Taylor Swift Concert Detour While Driving To Dinner

What American girl doesn’t love Taylor Swift? Chase sure does. But being a kid with no money or car, she sadly couldn’t go to the T-Swift concert in her town. 

As a great surprise, Chase’s mom Carly Ann secretly bought tickets for the whole family to go the the concert.

On the last day of school, Mom told Chase they were going to dinner, and only on the way in the car did she deliver the good news. There would be no sushi tonight. Only 22 and  I Knew You Were Trouble!

Naturally, Chase couldn’t stop smiling. 

The video was only posted yesterday and has experienced a viral explosion after being featured on the front page of Reddit!  

Already, the touching clip has amassed over 350,000 views and continues to the surge in popularity after subsequently being featured on a slew popular media outlets, such as Gawker, DailyMail, HuffPost, and EOnline . 


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Jul 232013

It’s not easy to transform a mundane pop song into something much bigger, but it seems like Jimmy Eat World did just that on the set of Conan.

Of all songs, the rock band famous for their 2001 hit The Middle chose to cover Taylor Swift’s hit single We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Somehow, they were able to make it rock and now video of their performance is trending. 


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