Jul 152014
What Makes Tattoos Permanent

Tattoos go back thousands of years in human history. But how exactly does the art work? As humans, we are constantly shedding our skin. So why don’t tattoos slowly fade away? TED-Ed explains in this viral video that it is actually our body’s self defense mechanisms that cause the ink to become permanent.  


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Jun 182014
Dad Reacts To Son’s Tattoos Compilation

This awesome dad has no problem voicing his opinion about his son’s tattoos. Ironically, it seems the young lad keeps getting new tattoos to aggravate his dad so he can record his reactions of disgust. One things for sure: dad hates tattoos. This hilarious reaction compilation has gone viral with over one million hits!


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May 142012

There’s always one person taking body modifications to the next level. If you thought the girl who works at Starbucks with a couple tattoos and piercings on her face was ‘extreme,’ then get ready for this. 

Tattoo artist and body modifier Dave Hurban wanted to make a name for himself, and gosh did he succeed. He implanted four magnets on his wrist to hold his iPod Nano straplessly. Read more on Time, DigitalTrends, and NJ


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Nov 192011

 created this strange, and slightly disturbing commercial to show off how great their products are. They show a seemingly normal person until he wipes his chest and face, revealing his is really covered in tattoos. Makeup artists covered his entire collection of body tattoos with concealer. 


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Sep 302011

This video from 2010 has recently become popular again. Through the magic of stop motion we can see a tattoo being etched into someone’s arm from start to finish.  


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