Mar 182014
Amazing Vitruvian Man Street Performance Will Blow Your Mind

While walking the streets of Taipei, Taiwan, CuriousWorldWanderer stumbled upon an amazing street performance

A man put on a jaw-dropping ‘Vitruvian Man’ performance with a giant ring inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s timeless Vitruvian Man drawing of a man inscribed in a circle.

The video was actually posted online in 2011, but is trending again now. 


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Oct 092013
Epic Lego Ninja Duel Stop Motion Animation

Taiwanese stop motion master Counter656 makes Robot Chicken look like child’s play with his professional action figure stop motion animations. 

For his latest piece, he pinned two Lego ninjas, Jay and Kai, against each other in an epic ‘Ninjago’ stop motion animation that is trending on YouTube. 


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Aug 142013

Taipei Zoo just posted this adorable video and already the clip has amassed over 300,000 hits.

In the video, Taiwanese zoo attendants reunite their new giant panda mom with her cub for some time after running some tests. Sadly, the workers must use honey to distract mom so they can grab the baby after visiting time is over.


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Mar 212013

This video of a Taiwanese truck driver unloading his cargo has gone viral across the web. The driver uses an ingenious technique to drop off his three tons of bamboo by harnessing the power of inertia by simply backing up and stopping short a number of times. 


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