Feb 212014
Taco Bell Secret Menu Items

BuzzFeed already abused their staff by sending them to McDonald’s to try Ronald McDonald’s secret menu. That video now stands with over 1.6 million tasty views!

After that success, the popular viral news site has sent their staff to the Internet’s favorite late night fast food establishment, Taco Bell, to try some of the secret menu items south of the border. 


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Apr 102013

Mike Wellzss was hanging out at Taco Bell Saturday night with his buddy Richard who got a little antsy from all the beans. So what did Rich do?

He proceeded to straddle the handrail at the order line with one leg, tuck in his head, and continuously spin on the railing over and over–reminiscent of Sonic the Hedgehog. Perhaps this will be Taco Bell’s Superbowl commercial next year.


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Jan 312013

Taco Bell is  a brand known for their outrageous and entertaining commercials. Naturally, their big game ad for the 2013 Superbowl has turned out to be a viral hit. 

Bernie Goldblatt and his friends at the retirement home live life to the max after curfew by partaking in typically teenage antics, and seal the night with some celebratory Fourth Meal.  


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Jan 222013

One of America‘s biggest holidays is just around the corner. The Super Bowl. It’s the one holiday based completely on our true obsessions, junk food and violence. 

As the tradition goes, the commercials during the Super Bowl are the year’s most expensive, and, supposedly, most entertaining adverts marketers can come up with.

Taco Bell has gotten a head start this year by publishing this teaser commercial online that has already garnered over a quarter million hits, and has been featured by ViralVideoChart


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Jul 112012

Remember when the tiny town of Bethel, Alaska fell victim to an elaborate hoax that the very first  would be opening in town?

Taco Bell swooped in for the rescue though, delivering a taco truck by helicopter filled with 10,000 tacos. On the house, of course.

Now, America’s #1, and perhaps only, taco fast food chain has made this official short film recap of the whole story.


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