Dec 262013
Ultimate News Bloopers Of 2013 Compilation

NSFW Language

It’s been a crazy year on television. You’d think in this day and age with the aid of technology, news anchors and reporters would have less slip ups and bloopers. Wrong.

As is evident by this hilarious news bloopers compilation of 2013 put together by News Be Funny, it seems news bloopers are here to stay. 


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Sep 142013
The Worst Thing You Ever Heard Your Mommy Say

Jimmy Kimmel Live often has great viral success online with his camera crew interviewing passersby on Hollywood Blvd series, and this recent episode is no exception. 

Jimmy’s crew usually interviews silly and uninformed adults, but this time they spoke to the youth, asking the tykes what was the worst thing you ever heard your mother say. 

Naturally, the overly honest kids tell it all. 

And the Internet is loving it! Already, the brand new clip has garnered over 400,000 views!


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Aug 072013

NSFW language 

The four big broadcast networks are arguing to the FCC that cable is stealing their thunder as cable has more leeway with profanity, and, put simply, that’s not fair. 

To demonstrate how ridiculous all this corporate and government censorship is, Stephen Colbert invited House famous Hugh Laurie to recite a list of Viacom approved vulgar words and obscenities on his Colbert Report show.

Naturally, the web is loving the new clip posted by Stephen’s sister show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


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Aug 072013

NSFW Language

This week old video by Remote Laughter is trending more than ever, especially after being parodied by Conan.

The video was taken by a woman who caught on of her unstable neighbors stealing rhubarb from behind the alley. After confronting her, the crazy lady finally gave up and left, but not without dropping many expletives first. 

 Update: original video is down, so here is Ray William Johnson covering the clip.


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Apr 232013

NSFW Warning language 

First days are tough, be it the first day of Kindergarten, high school, or work. Everyone gets a little nervous, but few have the butterflies like AJ Clemente.

The fresh anchor from the east coast was barely on the air for a second before nervously cursing under his breath that was caught by a hot mic. His co-anchor couldn’t help but get tongue tied as well. 

Mkrogen downloaded the news clip and posted it on YouTube, and now in just one day the clip has been seen over one million times

That’s embarrassing. Already, he has been fired, reports ABCNews, and has tweeted, “Rookie mistake. I’m a free agent.Cant help but laugh at myself and stay positive.Wish i didnt trip over my “Freaking Shoes” out of the gate.”



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