Jan 172013

NSFW Warning – Language

When a news-person slips up and swears on the air on accident, there’s just something so much more enjoyable about the curse than if a person on the street had the filthy mouth. Naturally, there are few mistakes more funny than when an F-bomb is dropped on live air. 

Sifting through the web to find all the buried F-bomb treasures can be time consuming, so Funny Local News did the work for everyone, creating this ultimate F-Bombs on the news blooper reel


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Nov 192012

NSFW Warning – cute, accidental inappropriate language

Young kids mispronouncing words like ‘truck‘ that are oh-so similar to common swear words is a timeless favorite in real life and online.

 was trucking along across the pond with his brother and nephew when they decided to declare their actions on camera. 

His brother, the driver, yelled, “We’re trucking!” into the camera, then Ian yelled the same. Next, it was his nephew’s turn. His pronunciation was so cute and adorable, dad reportedly had to pull over to gain his composure from laughing so hard. 

The video went viral over the weekend, amassing over 80,000 views, and has been featured on popular sites, such as DailyPicks, Reddit, HuffPost, BestOfYouTube, and Yababoon


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