Apr 072015
Little Sisters Eat Sushi After Older Brother Is Too Afraid

Casey Levi had a last piece of sushi left and decided to bet his young son $10 to eat it without gagging or making a face. After two long minutes of build up, the boy finally chickened out. That’s when his baby sister walked by and popped the sushi in her mouth without hesitation. You go girl! Your big bro has got nothing on you!


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Jan 292013

Norwegian fish company God Fisk has started a very strange advertisement campaign that is naturally trending online. The Norwegian interpretive dance group The Human Sushi performs a special dance for a number of sushi dishes. 

In this three week old video that has already garnered over 190,000 hits, the group performs a dance to represent the famous nigiri sushi dish.  



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Jan 232012

Small scale sushi restaurant Sticky Rice likes to think outside the box, especially for their advertising. They worked with  and Bark Marketing to create this unique commercial where they literally launched their popular Godzirra sushi roll into space. The video is featured on TheAwesomer


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Jan 172012

Many have only heard of the Japanese conveyor belt sushi restaurants, but they do exist. A simple conveyor belt slowly moves around the restaurant with just prepared dishes; diners just take what looks yummy.  created this unique perspective by placing her recording camera on the belt. Other diners seem to really get a kick out of the camera and alert their friends as it rolls by. 


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