Feb 202013

30 Pound Man published this video back in May, but it only went viralviral now after being featured on Reddit. Subsequently, the video has been featured on BuzzFeed, CBSNews, and Mashable, and now it stands with over a quarter million new views!

After she had to put her ten year old Beagle to sleep, YouTuber 30 Pound Man‘s girlfriend was obviously crushed. She understandably couldn’t stop crying. 

To help mend her heart and soul, the Internet’s boyfriend of the week surprised her with an adorable pug puppy


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Feb 052013

The famous New York City landmark Grand Central Station just turned 100 years old. As a great way to celebrate the centennial, 135 ImprovEverywhere participants staged a surprise light show performance in the west side windows. Commuters and tourists froze as they were bewildered by the flashing lights and colors. Of course, the entire event had the green light from the MTA


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Aug 262012

David Banks just turned fifty and has been working with explosives and pyrotechnics for years now. So naturally, at his birthday cake party at work, the guys just had to take the opportunity to prank him with an exploding cake.  

Good thing the fifty year old was far enough from the cake before detonation. The video has become a viral sensation over the weekend after David’s son posted the story to Reddit


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Jun 042012

This adorable cat video published by  went viral over the weekend, amassing over 120,000 views since Saturday. 

A tiny kitten hiding behind a wall planned on surprising his big brother. But the little tyke was the one surprised when the big cat was the one who snuck around corner scaring him. The Looney Tunes style sounds effects only enhance the cuteness. 

The video is featured on Reddit and Yahoo.



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May 152012

Sarah Cooper was already on cloud nine when she woke up the morning on her American University graduation. She would be finally graduating! But she had no idea there was a much greater surprise waiting for her. 

Sam Miller, a School of Communication graduate, was on the stage, ready to ask for her hand in marriage. She said yes!

The viral video is already covered by HuffingtonPost, TheDailyWhat, and TheFW


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