Apr 302012

New York City based improv group  has struck again, bringing delight and joy to the unexpecting. Their latest mission to was bring an ‘Instant Date‘ to a deserving couple relaxing at Central Park.

They brought them out Champagne, a white table cloth meal, and then even officiated a private concert afterwards, all while they were sitting on their bench in Central Park. You can tell the two are veteran New Yorkers, and even though they were pleasantly surprised, weren’t phased a bit. 


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Apr 122012

There are countless wonderful and sweet military reunion videos out there thanks to the WelcomeHomeBlog, but this one really sticks out as special.

Little Will was in Kindergarten when his older brother Jay came to surprise him in school while serving in the US army. When his teacher told him someone was in front for him, you can hear Will gasp in shock and freeze, taking a moment to fully calculate the gravity of the situation.

Then he shouted out “Jay! Hey, buddy! Jay’s home!” and ran to his big brother’s arms. 


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Mar 282012

After MSG Joseph D. of the U.S. Army returned home, there was one child he and his wife wanted to especially surprise. Their only daughter, a high school senior, was giving a speech in the school auditorium, and they thought of no better place to surprise her.

The video is the latest from the WelcomeHomeBlog to go viral, amassing over 170,000 views in a week, and being featured by CBSNewsTheFeed


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Feb 032012

Beer commercials are a staple for any sporting, especially the Super Bowl. But since Canadians also loves hockey, it was only natural for  to make a hockey themed Super Bowl commercial this year.

They told a recreational hockey league they wanted to record a documentary, but it was really a set up for the ultimate surprise. The players were shocked when screaming fans and cheerleaders filled the bleachers as announcers took to the PA system. With so much excitement and build up, the players got to feel what it’s like to play in the big leagues. 


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Oct 292011

Cameron planned a double surprise for his girlfriend Brittany. First, he surprised her with a birthday party with all her friends. It was a week late, so she was really thrown off. But that’s just the cover surprise. Cameron set the whole party up to propose to Brittany.

He nervously said a little intro, and then quickly got down on one knee and proposed. Brittany must have be so overwhelmed with the surprises that she literally fainted, and fell to the floor. Fifteen minutes later, she woke up, and they had a proper proposal. One where both people are awake for it. 


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