Jul 212015
Adorable Thai Kids Recreate Marvel’s Ant-Man Trailer

These days, big Hollywood movies like Marvel’s Ant Man don’t just debut in the States. They are launched in theaters around the world. Using only household items and cheap toys, a group of Thai kids recreated the trailer for the newest Marvel superhero movie, shot for shot. Their homemade trailer is simply adorable and has gone viral with over a quarter million views!


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Jun 262015
Avengers Of Oz: Age Of Tin Man Wizard Of Oz Parody

The latest Marvel superhero movie, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, has become one of the highest grossing films in history and is definitely one of the hottest movies of the years. Somehow, Darren Wallace had the genius insight to merge the Avengers with the Wizard of Oz. The resulting parody trailer is simply epic even though it ‘makes no sense.’


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May 232015
Bad Lip Reading Marvel’s The Avengers

The ultra popular parody series that perfectly takes the words from original videos and replaces them with ridiculous nonsense is finally back. Since the much anticipated new Avengers movie is finally in theaters, Bad Lip Reading decided to parody everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes and turn them into your average red neck


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May 202015
Superhero Action Movie Kids Faces Off With Kevin Malone

Action Movie Kid is the adorable boy with an awesome special effects dad who has turned him into an Internet superhero. Field Day invited AMK and his family to join Brian Baumgartner, most famous for playing Kevin Malone on The Office, to star in this superhero short film. They really need to make this into a full feature film!


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May 032015
Black Widow Superhero Movie As A Romantic Comedy

The latest Avengers film just came out this weekend and is already an instant box office hit. There seems to be a stand alone superhero movie for all of the Avengers, but what about Black Widow? As actress Scarlett Johansson was the celebrity guest on Saturday Night Live this weekend, she starred in this hilarious parody Black Widow superhero movie trailer if it was more of a romantic comedy than an action film. This would actually be an awesome movie!


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