Jun 142016
South Park Perfectly Mocks Marvel Superhero Movies

It’s crazy to when you think about it, but there are kids who don’t remember a Hollywood that didn’t constantly churn out Marvel superheroes movies. In honor of their new video game The Fractured But Whole, South Park perfectly pokes fun at the Marvel superhero movie formula in this commercial. 


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Jun 132016
This High School Student Is The Super Hero We Need

Just when you thought your classmate was just another high school student you discover he’s actually a superhero! Well, kind of. This hilarious clip has gone viral over the weekend with over one million hits!


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May 122016
First Person View Of Iron Man

Like Batman, Iron Man is one of the coolest superheroes, not because of his magical abilities, but because of martial arts, brains, and money! His Iron suit is just so darn cool! That inspired Ismahawk to bring the suit to life in this short film. 


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May 102016
Honest Trailer Of Deadpool

Fans, movie critics, and Hollywood were all equally surprised by the success of their first R-rated superhero movie Deadpool. For years, PG-13 was the sweet spot for all action movies, but that didn’t stop Deadpool from becoming the highest grossing superhero movie since the fad began two decades ago. Deadpool actor himself, Ryan Reynolds, guests stars in this very special episode of Honest Trailers which is going viral.


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May 092016
Captain America: Civil War Trailer Made On A Budget

The newest Marvel movie is finally in theaters, Captain America: Civil War. Have you seen it yet? Just the trailer has countless views. That inspired Matthew Potter to recreate the trailer but on a serious budget. The results are hilarious!


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