Oct 212015
Marching Band Puts On Epic Marvel Halftime Show

Ahh, it’s finally football season again. And with college football comes the marching band. Long gone are the days of boring halftime performances by the marching band. Now, fans and the Internet expect serious entertainment. And the Spartan Marching Band of Michigan State University has delivered with this epic Marvel performance


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Oct 142015
Genius Nerd Builds Replica Of Thor’s Hammer That Only He Can Lift

Some superheroes are famous for their special powers, others for their special tools. Superhero Thor is well known for his super powerful hammer that only he can wield to crush enemies of peace and justice. Allen Pan of Sufficiently Advanced might not be a superhero, but he’s comes pretty close as a super nerd. He built a sweet replica of Thor’s hammer that not only looks great, but can only be picked up by him. He showed off his new toy at Venice Beach, and now this video is going viral!


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Oct 092015
How Ant-Man Should Have Ended

Do you hear that? It’s hard to believe, but after seemingly years of non-stop superhero movies, it seems there is a lull before the next hurricane of Marvel movies next year. As the last superhero movie was Ant-Man, How It Should Have Ended has stepped forward to explain to fans how the film should have actually ended in this new clip. 


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Sep 112015
Batman And Superman Bad Blood Parody Music Video

Over the past decade, Hollywood has churned out countless superhero movies. But there is one film that fan are anxiously waiting for. Finally, after countless comics and cartoons, Hollywood is creating a feature film showcasing the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel together in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which is debuting in 2016. How It Should Have Ended celebrates the upcoming film with this hilarious spoof of Taylor Swift’s new hit sensation Bad Blood. Naturally, this video has instantly gone viral!


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Aug 292015
Parents Build Optimus Prime Birthday Cake That Actually Transforms

Thanks to the Internet, talented parents who create stunning themed birthday cakes can show the world their work. But Russellmunro and his wife decided to take their son’s cake to the max. So instead of just making an Optimus Prime looking cake, dad made the cake actually transform with the touch of a button! Naturally, the guests of all ages loved the moving Transformers cake. They need to sell this as a kit! This clip has gone viral with over 675,000 hits!


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