Feb 032015
Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Photobomb Fans At The Super Bowl

Imagine you were going to the Super Bowl, and you were approached by staffers from NBC that they want to take your picture. Pretty exciting right? Well imagine that after the click of the camera you turn around and discover it was all a ruse to have Jimmy Fallon, Chris Pratt, and Chris Evans photo bomb you? Best picture ever!!


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Feb 022015
Weight Watchers Super Bowl Commercial

One Breaking Bad commercial is already trending, and now this Weight Watchers commercial which aired during the Superbowl is creating a buzz online. In the ad, the narrator, who many believe is Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, offers viewers countless ways to get baked, glazed, or fried. He comforts listeners that they can stop at stop at anytime and they are always in control. Of course, he is comparing food to other addictive vices. The videography simply dazzles the eyes. 


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Feb 012015
Walter White Works As A Pharmacist in Esurance Super Bowl Commercial

What if you walked into your local pharmacy to pick up a prescription only to find you regular pharmacist wasn’t there. Instead, it was Break Bad kingpin Walter White complete in his bio-hazard cooking suit?  

That’s what Esurance imagined in their Super Bowl commercial which is trending after the game. 


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Feb 012015
Woman Calls 911 And Orders Pizza Commercial

It’s never a good idea to prank 911. Still, many foolish kids attempt to crank call the emergency number. So when one 911 operator received a call from a woman ordering pizza, he assumed the call was bogus. Thankfully, he figured out that she was in trouble.

Domestic violence group No More gave football fans chills when they aired this powerful ad during this year’s big game. What’s even more chilling is that the phone call actually happened.


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Feb 012015
Key & Peele Spoof Marshawn Lynch And Richard Sherman’s Press Conference

This hilarious Super Bowl themed clip by Comedy Central duo Key & Peele has instantly gone viral over the weekend with over 3 million hits already! The two hilariously parody Seattle Seahawks superstars Lynch and Richard Sherman if the two athletes every gave a press conference together. 


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