Jan 302015
Snickers Spoofs The Brady Bunch With Danny Trejo And Steve Buscemi

The Brady Bunch was the wholesome family sitcom from the 70′s that most people are familiar with. For the Super Bowl, Snickers has brought the classic back to life in their signature style with actors Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi being cranky, hungry versions of Marcia and Jan being. This commercial has gone viral before the big game weekend with over one million hits already!


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Jan 282015
Clydesdale Horses Save Puppy From Wolf In Budweiser 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Last year, Budweiser scored a perfect touchdown with their touching Super Bowl ad featuring a cute puppy and one of their iconic Clydesdale horses. For this year’s big game, the famous beer company continued the story with an adorable lost puppy who is saved this time from a hungry wolf by the heroic Clydesdales. Naturally, the commercial has instantly gone viral!


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Jan 292014
Audi 2014 Superbowl Commercial Doberhuahua

What if you mixed a Doberman with a Chihuahua? 

According to this 2014 Superbowl commercial by Audi, you just might end up with a compromise you never intended. A Doberhuahua!

Of course, the point of the ad is that Audi would never compromise with their cars.


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Jan 292014
Mom Reacting To Superbowl Tickets Surprise Is Precious

Mike‘s mom has been a Seahawks fan since the 1970′s. She loves coach Zorn, and the entire Seahawks teams.

For years, she has missed opportunities to go to the Superbowl, but after a series of luck, Mike was able to nab tickets and hotel accommodations at a discount. 

Naturally, he had to surprise mom with the tickets and record her reaction. He never thought she would react so adorably. 


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Jan 292014
Jaguar 2014 Superbowl Commercial Stars British Villains

For some reason, big Hollywood action films always seem to star Brits as the villains. There’s just something about the their accent, their style, that is irresistible. And they all drive Jaguars of course.  


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