Jun 232014
Super Mario Bros. 3 A Cappella

Super Mario Bros. 3 for the original Nintendo is still one of the most popular and famous Mario games out there. The game play, the styling, and the music are still fresh to this day. Video game a cappella singer Smooth McGroove has honored the game by covering the timeless music from the first level in this new a cappella performance


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Jun 032014
Luigi’s Death Stare In Mario Kart 8

Gamers are rejoicing now that Mario Kart 8 has finally debuted on the Nintendo Wii U. But it’s not Mario who is trending online, but Luigi. YouTuber CZbwoi found this short clip by Rizupicorr and added the iconic beat from Ridin’ Dirty. Don’t mess with Luigi. The video has amassed over 900,000 hits in just a few days!


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May 292014
Super Mario Mercedes Benz Commercial

Forget Yoshi! Mario has a new, much sweeter ride and it’s from Germany. Mercedes Benz Japan made the right decision to promote their famous German made cars in Mario’s homeland by merging Mercedes with the classic Super Mario Brothers game. The resulting commercial is just perfect. 


Via TastefullyOffensive

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May 262014
Curious Facts about Mario

What person hasn’t played or heard of Super Mario. The hero Italian plumber is actually more famous than Mickey Mouse. But did you know he was originally named just ‘Jumpman’ and was a carpenter, not a plumber? And that the mushrooms Mario eats to become super big are based on real mushrooms? All Time 10s covers this and more in this new video


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May 132014
Super Mario Game Of Thrones Intro

What if the Game of Thrones story took place in the Mushroom Kingdom of Super Mario World instead of the fictional continents of Westeros and Essos? The popular introduction might look and sound like this nerdy adaptation by gamer Nicksplosion.


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