Mar 092014
Brit Does Canadian Things In Canada

Brit James O’Malley recently took a trip to Canada, and made sure to enjoy as many Canadian activities as he could. 

He saw moose, went to a hockey game, visited Niagara Falls, took a dog sled ride, and much much more.

He packed all of his exciting adventures into this supercut video which is going viral after being featured on Reddit.  


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Jan 292014
“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” Local News Super Cut

Once again, Conan has proved that the ‘local’ news in America isn’t really all that local. It seems every news station gets the same stories from just one centralized source. 

This time, Conan‘s editors have compiled countless local news anchors all telling the nation the same thing.

Don’t worry, be happy.”

Somewhat disturbing. 


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Dec 032013
The Ultimate Christmas Movie Supercut

It’s that time of year again. That time when the TV stations replay all of the annual Christmas movies they know their viewers love.

To save you the time, Screen Junkies made this Ultimate Christmas Movie Supercut, so you can enjoy all of the holiday classics in just a few minutes. 


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Dec 032013
Ultimate Pop 2013 Mashup Of 68 Songs

Last year, Daniel Kim exploded online with his impressive 2012 pop mash up.

That video now stands with over 43 million views

Now, he has returned to wrap up 2013 with a bang. He mashed together the best 68 pop songs from the past 12 months to create his Pop Danthology 2013 that has instantly gone viral. 


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