Feb 012015
Key & Peele Spoof Marshawn Lynch And Richard Sherman’s Press Conference

This hilarious Super Bowl themed clip by Comedy Central duo Key & Peele has instantly gone viral over the weekend with over 3 million hits already! The two hilarioulys parody Seattle Seahawks superstars Lynch and Richard Sherman giving a press conference. 


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Jan 302015
Snickers Spoofs The Brady Bunch With Danny Trejo And Steve Buscemi

The Brady Bunch was the wholesome family sitcom from the 70′s that most people are familiar with. For the Super Bowl, Snickers has brought the classic back to life in their signature style with actors Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi being cranky, hungry versions of Marcia and Jan being. This commercial has gone viral before the big game weekend with over one million hits already!


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Jan 282015
Clydesdale Horses Save Puppy From Wolf In Budweiser 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Last year, Budweiser scored a perfect touchdown with their touching Super Bowl ad featuring a cute puppy and one of their iconic Clydesdale horses. For this year’s big game, the famous beer company continued the story with an adorable lost puppy who is saved this time from a hungry wolf by the heroic Clydesdales. Naturally, the commercial has instantly gone viral!


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Jan 262015
Cat Explains The Super Bowl To Kitten

The actions of humans can be very confusing for a small kitten who is new to the world. Who knows why the people do what they do anyways? Luckily, the older house cat perfectly understands the humans, and explains the Super Bowl in this viral video


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Jan 192015
Super Bowl Party Stereotypes

The Super Bowl has become an unofficial holiday in America. Literally billions of chicken wings and millions of slices of pizza are eaten every Super Bowl. Most people get together for a Super Bowl party at a friend’s house. And there’s always that guy. You know, the guy who won’t stop asking questions and the other who wants to rewind because he missed the touchdown. Dude Perfect covers all of the common stereotypes at Super Bowl parties in this new video


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