Jan 042016
NY Subway Rat Pulls Dead Rat Down Stairs

Remember Pizza Rat? The rat in the New York City subway that was captured on camera carrying a huge slice of pizza down the stairs? That video stands with over 8.9 million views! Now, JB José is going viral after posting this troubling video featuring a rat carrying a dead rat down the stairs in the subway. Is the rat carrying the dead one to grieve, or perhaps for more nefarious reason? Ewww. 


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Oct 272015
Trapped Commuters Turn Long Train Wait Into Dance Party

Probably the only thing worse than taking a long trip on the train to work is getting stuck on said train. That’s exactly what happened to a group of unlucky commuters traveling in the morning from Queens to Manhattan. Gregwong captured snippets of the stressful two hour wait on his iPhone, but once they were finally rescued, the commuters made lemonade out of their big basket of lemons and started a hip hop dance party.


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Sep 222015
Rat Tries To Carry Slice Of Pizza Downstairs In NYC Subway

When one thinks of New York City, two things usually come to mind. Delicious New York City pizza, and disgusting and giant New York City rats. They’re both everywhere! Especially in the subway. Matt Little was travelling on the subway system when he found a rat attempting to carry a slice of pizza bigger than it down the stairs. Some imagine that the rat is Master Splinter attempting to bring a slice of delicious pizza home to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This video has instantly gone viral with over one million views!


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Aug 052015
Guy Loudly Points Out How Awkward It Is After Seeing Couple Making Out On Subway Train

Have you ever been in a crowded public space when two oblivious love birds just start getting frisky in front of everyone else. Public displays of affection, or PDA, are just awkward for everyone else. Josh Nasar was on the New York City subway when a couple standing right next to him started making out. As he proudly explains that he has no filter, he took out his phone and started loudly screaming out how awkward the couple was making the train for everyone else. The hero we need. 


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