Nov 182013
Incredible Tissue Animals Stop Motion Short

Oji Nepia has awed the Internet, and has gone viral in the process, with this incredible stop motion short, Tissue Animals

To promote their dedication to nature and sustainability, Japanese tissue company Nepia brought countless miniature animals to life using only their tissue paper. And plenty of patients. 


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Nov 052013
5 Awesome NES Facts Stop Motion

While modern gamers debate over the supremacy of the XBox One and PS4, Vsauce3 instead travels back to the 80′s during the reign of the original Nintendo Entertainment System for their newest video. 

In a mesmerizing stop-motion animation, they inform viewers of 5 Awesome NES Facts.


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Oct 242013
‘The Deep’ Stop Motion Of Ocean Creatures Made From Man-Made Objects

Online famous stop motion artist PES Film is well known for creating eye-popping animations from household items, such as their viral Western Spaghetti video and Fresh Guacamole video

Now, the artsy channel has finally returned with a new video featuring the ocean deep. Instead of organic matter, all of the bubbling sea-creatures are actually comprised of man-made items, such as keys and chains. 


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Oct 152013
Amazing Japanese Paper Stop Motion Music Video

This music video published by P-VINE,Inc. for Japanese singer Shugo Tokumaru‘s single Katachi is truly one of a kind. The music is complemented by amazing stop motion art made one frame at a time from simple pieces of paper. 


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Oct 092013
Epic Lego Ninja Duel Stop Motion Animation

Taiwanese stop motion master Counter656 makes Robot Chicken look like child’s play with his professional action figure stop motion animations. 

For his latest piece, he pinned two Lego ninjas, Jay and Kai, against each other in an epic ‘Ninjago’ stop motion animation that is trending on YouTube. 


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