Jan 072015
Woman Takes A Photo Every Day During Her Pregnancy

There are lots of videos created by people who take a photo of themselves everyday. But this new mother put a spin on her video. Once she found out she was pregnant, she took a photo of herself everyday for nine months until the baby arrived. Then, she compiled the pictures into this magical and touching stop motion time lapse. In just two weeks, her video has gone viral with over 3.3 million hits!


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Dec 222014
Awesome Nintendo 64 Facts

Back in the 90’s there were only two home console video game systems to choose from. The Sony Playstation and the Nintendo 64. The Nintendo was revolutionary as it was the first to introduce an analog stick and a rumbling feature. Vsauce discusses this and more in this entertaining stop motion animation video


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Dec 172014
Finishing Remodeling Basement Animation In 60 Seconds

Remodeling any part of the house can take a long time, especially the basement. Trent and the Lioness have been working on their basement for two months now, and have finally finished. To celebrate their new basement, they animated the painstakingly slow process into a quick one minute animation


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Dec 112014
Submarine Sandwich Made From Everyday Objects Stop Motion

PES is famous for his mind-blowing stop motion animations in which he artfully recreates a scene using unexpected objects. One of his best pieces is when he makes guacamole from random household objects. After a long hiatus, he has finally returned to make a delicious submarine sandwich using ‘tasty’ objects such as boxing gloves and footballs for meat, and playing cards for cheese. Mmm-mmm. Yum! 


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Nov 302014
Lego Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Trailer

The brand new teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens just came out this Friday. And it only took Lego nerd Snooperking one day to recreate the trailer, shot for shot, as a stop motion animation using the famous Danish toy bricks. The new Lego trailer has instantly gone viral with over one million views already


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