Jan 182014
5 Awesome PlayStation 4 Facts

Vsauce3 is back with another enlightening video game stop motion.

After covering facts about popular video game consoles like the Sega Dreamcast and the original Sony Playstation, the nerd channel has turned towards the much more modern PS4.

Here are 5 Awesome PlayStation 4 Facts served via a delicious stop motion animation.


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Jan 052014
One Picture A Day For Three Years To Create Lip Sync Stop Motion Queen Music Video

There have been countless artists who have gone viral taking a photo of themselves over years time and compiling the pictures into a mesmerizing time lapse video. 

Matt Perren has taken the concept to the next level with his latest project. 

Since 2011, he has been taking a photo a day, but instead of just putting the pictures together in a simple time lapse, he somehow created this video of himself lip syncing the Queen classic Don’t Stop Me Now

It’s not perfect, but still quite impressive. 


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Dec 232013
6 Awesome Dreamcast Facts Stop Motion

After successfully reviewing ‘awesome’ facts about Nintendo and PlayStation, popular nerd channel Vsauce3 has returned to continue to the series. 

This time, they go back in time to review one of the hottest Christmas gifts of the past in a mesmerizing stop motion video, the Sega Dreamcast. 


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Dec 102013
Mario Kart 64 In Real Life Stop Motion

The web has seen Mario Kart in real life before, with Remi Gallard racing around town as Mario, and even a 3D chalk adaptation.

Now, Simon Lachapelle has brought the popular 90′s game back to life with this nostalgic stop motion video


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Dec 042013
Lego Blues Brothers Mall Chase Scene

Lego obsessed Bricktease painstakingly recreated the famous shopping mall chase scene from The Blues Brothers in blocky Lego goodness. Frame for frame. 

The new video is quickly going viral, and is already featured on CNet, LaughingSquid, NYDailyNews, and BoingBoing


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