Jul 092015
Stephen Colbert Makes An End Of The World Video After Stock Market Computers Crash

The news likes to put up pictures and videos of traders apparently buying and selling stocks on the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. But these days it’s all done by computers. As most people in the financial world knows, the New York Stock Exchange computers crashed for 4 long hours yesterday. Afraid that our interconnected technological world was coming to a horrible end, Stephen Colbert made this hilarious end-of-the-world video.


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Jul 022015
Stephen Colbert Takes Over Michigan Public Access Television

Fans of Stephen Colbert are stuck in a hard place. The Colbert Report has ended now that Stephen is taking over the Late Show on CBS. But that won’t start until the fall. To hold fans over, Stephen Colbert has been posting viral videos every now and then. He just posted this hilarious extended, full length video in which unexpectedly he hosted a public access television show in Monroe, Michigan. He even interviewed Eminem! 


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Jun 032015
Stephen Colbert Shaves His Beard On First Clip From The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Now that The Late Show With David Letterman is finally over, a new host is taking over. As most fans already know, popular comedian and star of the The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert, is taking over the famous late night show on CBS. This brand new ridiculous video showcasing Stephen’s beard was just published by the brand new YouTube channel for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and has instantly gone viral! 


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Jul 172014
Jon Stewart And Stephen Colbert Battle Which Is The Biggest Star Wars Fan

Back in May, director J.J. Abrams went viral when he asked Star Wars fans to support UNICEF Innovation Labs and Programs at OMaze. One lucky supporter would win the opportunity to be in the new Star Wars films.

Now, late night hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have teamed up to support OMaze and spread word of the contest further by starring in this humorous promotional video


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Apr 252014
Stephen Colbert Says Goodbye To John Stewart And The Daily Show

As most television and online viewers already know, David Letterman recently announced he will be retiring from the Late Show with cable comedy star Stephen Colbert taking his place. 

As he started his television career on The Daily Show with John Stewart, Stephen visited his old show to bid farewell to John and cable television. After all, he has “won television.”


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