Dec 202014
Ice Fisher Catches MonstrousLake Trout

This video by the fishermen of Jig Heads is almost a year old, but has gone viral again now with over 700,000 new hits! While ice fishing on top of a frozen Lake Superior, one fisherman caught a truly giant lake trout. It took a while to pull the big guy out from the small hole but it was all worth it. But instead of cooking up some delicious trout, they were merciful and tossed the fish back in.   


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Dec 172014
People Are Awesome 2014

We humans give ourselves a bad rap. The news and media often focuses on the negative in the world, ignoring all the greatness of mankind. Thankfully, we have People are Awesome. The popular channel ends each year with an epic compilation celebrating human physical ability and ambition. Yes, people were very awesome in 2014


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Dec 162014
World’s Best Trampoline Will Amaze You

Trampolines aren’t only for kids anymore. The fun, bouncy device can be mastered like any other sport. Acrobatic gymnast Greg Roe specializes in the trampoline. Devin Supertramp had the chance to work with Greg and trampoline company EuroTramp to create this epic trampoline tricks video that is sure to amaze. 


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Dec 142014
Hangover Olympics Between A 24 Year Old And 36 Year Old

It’s no secret that 20-somethings like to party and drink more than 30 year olds. There’s just more work, responsibilities, and life commitments that makes partying hard once you break that third decade of life. But who can handle their booze better, the younger drinking, or the older, more experienced one? 

BuzzFeed wanted to find out, so they had a 24 year old and 36 year old get hammered and then compete in a very creative Hangover Olympics


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Dec 112014
Swiss Pilot Jetman Performs Aerobatics Over Dubia Desert Using Jet Pack

Swiss pilot Yves Rossy is better known as Jetman as he was the first man in the world to fly with a real wing-equipped jet pack. Now, the daredevil has partnered with X Dubai to perform some epic aerobatics in the skies of Dubai over the desert. 

This video has instantly gone viral with over 750,000 hits today!


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