Jun 012015
If Tampon Commercial Was Marketed To Men

These days, it only takes a few moments for viewers to figure out when a product is being marketed exclusively to men or women. International water charity Water Aid pokes fun at this idea by imagining what a tampon commercial would look like if it was marketing to guys. Naturally, the commercial includes buzzwods like technology, NASA scientists, high performance, and more! This parody commercial has gone viral with over 750,000 hits!


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May 312015
Shia LaBeouf Gives The Most Motivating TED Talk Ever

A month ago,  and actor Shia LaBeouf published this strange short film, titled #INTRODUCTIONS, in which Shia gives a half hour talk to the camera behind a green screen. When the Internet caught whiff of Shia in front of a green screen they pounced! Michael McNeff took a small excerpt from the short film and made this hilarious motivation TED Talk starring Shia which has instantly gone viral!



As an added bonus, Craig Fleming made this short parody in which Shia performs the traditional New Zealand Haka dance. 


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May 292015
Kung Fury 1980’s Action Comedy Movie

The 1980’s were a wonderful time full of outrageous fashion and countless movies that were just so bad. The action cop genre was an especially popular category for the decade. After amassing over $600,000 in funding on Kickstarter, studio LaserUnicorns has just debuted their parody 1980’s action short film called Kung Fury which has instantly gone viral this weekend with over 6 million views!


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May 292015
Every Inspirational Video Ever

Everyone loves an uplifting inspirational video. We can’t help but to like, share, and retweet them on all our social networks. But after watching a few of these videos, it becomes apparent that they all capitalize on the same tricks to get views. Nacho Punch pokes fun at the inspirational video genre in this new parody clip


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May 232015
Bad Lip Reading Marvel’s The Avengers

The ultra popular parody series that perfectly takes the words from original videos and replaces them with ridiculous nonsense is finally back. Since the much anticipated new Avengers movie is finally in theaters, Bad Lip Reading decided to parody everyone’s favorite Marvel superheroes and turn them into your average red neck


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