May 012013

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As is tradition online, after the latest uber-viral video from Dove saturated the web, the parody artists emerged.

The original video by the famous women’s toiletries company demonstrated how many women view themselves in a darker light than their peers do by having women describe themselves to a sketch artist. The powerful advert now stands with over 35 million views

Soon after, New Feelings Time parodied the video instead from a male’s perspective

Now, AdhocVids is trending for taking the idea one step further. Instead of just making light of the commercial from a male’s point of view, they make the focal point of the video the men’s testicles

Now, the video is appearing on BuzzFeed, Mashable, and TheBlemish


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Apr 252013

The Pet Collective specializes in making adorably precious pet and pop culture mash-up parodies. And the web loves it, be it their spoof of Macklemore’s hit single Thrift Shop, or their cover of The Fresh Prince theme song with a pet-twist

Now, the animal loving crew has returned to recreate the famous “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for” scene from the original Star Wars: A New Hope movie.

They even drop a little Super Troopers humor in for those nerdy enough to pick up on it. 



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Apr 222013

The ‘Draw My Life‘ trend online has grown so popular, even North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is getting in on the fun. Of course, Kim couldn’t make it, so he ‘hired’ the popular musical makers AVbyte to make this musical draw my life video for him. 


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Apr 212013

By now, most online viewers have seen the hilarious How Animals Eat Their Food viral video. In just two weeks, the parody of animal eating habits has been seen over 45 million times.

Naturally, many parodies and spoofs of the original have surfaced. Last week, Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues published this cutesy cartoon parody which showcases two animals demonstrating how people eat their food, and now they have gone viral in their own right. Already, the video has amassed over half a million views.  


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Apr 182013

Screen Junkies has finally calmed the demands of countless dedicated fans. As the Harry Potter series is of course a web favorite, countless viewers have been begging the cinema obsessed channel to give the magical franchise their famous Honest Trailers treatment. 

Already, the video has collected over 400,000 hits, and is covered on DigitalSpy, UpRoxx, and HuffPost


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