Dec 052012

The pop music genre is often mocked for using lyrics on the level of a junior high student at best. 

 wanted to change that, so he reworded the lyrics to a slew of ultra viralviral pop songs from the past year with grammar and diction on a much more extraneous level. 

If I Was Your Boyfriend by Justin Bieber becomes ‘If I Was Your Male Companion,’ Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen is changed to ‘So Perchance We’ll Engage In Telephonic Discourse,’ and much more, in Extraneous Lyrics.


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Dec 052012

Whenever a video goes ultra viralviral, like Gangnam Style, it’s expected to be parodied and covered to oblivion. Many spoofs are as good as, or even better than, the original, but most just fall flat. 

And then there are those special few, those few parodies that are just so bad, and so terrible, viewers feel compelled to share it with their friends.

The video that is oh-so bad, it is somehow good. In a bad way. And no, it doesn’t really make much sense. The phenomenon is often referred to as the Rebecca Black Effect. 

Lucky for the Internet, Spartan High School has delivered. Here is the official worst Gangnam Style cover, reuploaded online by Spartan High student .

Presenting: Spartan High School Style


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Dec 042012

To celebrate the upcoming debut of The Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, on December 14, The Hillywood Show made this humorous parody music video.

While Bilbo Baggins was resting alone in his Hobbit hole, he was visited by Gandalf and a rowdy group of Dwarves. Being in a party mood, they cranked up LMFAO‘s club-tastic single Shots, and got crunk with a little Lil’ Jon

Just over the weekend, the new music video has amassed over 115,000 views


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Dec 032012

To promote the new castles in the New Fantasyland exhibit at Disney World,  teamed up with HGTV’s House Hunters.

They made this fun parody video of Belle, from Disney‘s Beauty and the Beast, looking for a new castle for her and Beast to share their happily ever after. 

Over the weekend, the new video has garnered over 135,000 views, and is featured on DisUnplugged, StuffIStole, and Technorati


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Dec 022012

Gangnam Style continues to dominate the web, and currently stands as the number one most viewed video on YouTube.

So naturally, there have been countless covers, parodies, remixes, and spoofs of the KPop music video, many of them featured right here on 

Going full meta,  compiled all the countless tribute videos and recreated the music video to near perfection out of all the pieces. All that’s next now is another video comparing the two side by side. 


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