Nov 172012

High school teen movies are a genre you can immediately recognize after watching just a few seconds of the trailer. They all have that same formula, style, and flow we’ve been seeing for years.

So as a fun gag, movie obsessed  asked the question, ‘Ever wonder what high school was like for your favorite super heroes and villains in Gotham?’ and served up this highly entertaining parody of a high school teen movie version of Batman.

Already, the new mock trailer has over 70,000 views, and is featured on io9, NeoGafTastefullyO, and Neatorama


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Nov 162012

Nicole Westbrook is the new small time, so-bad-you-have-to-see-this viral music video star. She starred in “It’s Thanksgiving,” and currently stands with over eight million views–with a 90% negative rating.

So naturally, the master goofy sound dubber  had to work their magic on the Thanksgiving themed music video, and now have gone viral in their own right. 


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Nov 152012

In honor of the Disney acquisition of the Star Wars franchise,  quickly got to work mashing the two together. What resulted was another Disney princesses and Princess Leia parody, only this time, they spoof the opening song of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Little Town


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Nov 142012

Anyone with a smartphone knows that autocorrect is a great tool that often betrays us. That’s the concept behind sketch comedy channel ‘s newly published R&B parody music video ‘Baby I Lobe You.’ The new music video already has over 30,000 views, and is is featured on UpRoxx, Vulture, and DamnYouAutoCorrect


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Nov 132012

 went viralviral back in September with a hilarious parody of Flo Rida’s hit single Whistle concerning the then NFL replacement refs that were angering fans. That video currently stands with over 2.7 million hits

Now, Jessie has returned for another funny football themed spoof of a pop song. This time, he spoofs Katy Perry‘s Wide Awake to express the woes when your fantasy football team is losing.


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