Jun 282013

The Pet Collective is well known for parodying pop music with an adorable pet twist. For their latest project, the dog loving crew recreated Miley Cyrus’ newest hit single We Can’t Stop with the doggy parody We Can Bark


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Jun 282013

When done correctly, a video can go viral just for following a now dead trend. Take the South Korean pop sensation Gangnam Style by PSY for example. 

For a few weeks, the song dominated the Internet and pop culture, but it quickly over saturated the market until viewers were completely sick of the catchy tune and ridiculous music video. 

Now, Jean-Luc Nguyen is bringing the song back to life by hashelping 160 kids from the Cambodian slum of Phnom Penh parody the music video like everyone else in the world already has. 

Yes, it has been done before, but the kids do such a good job, especially for their dire circumstances, that they are now receiving the recognition they deserve. 


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Jun 252013

What child doesn’t have the introduction of Disney’s The Lion King burned into their memory? The movie is one of Disney‘s most famous feature films, and the power opening scene, where the entire jungle kingdom bows to their new royal prince Simba, is one of their most iconic. 

Artist Simone Rovellini thought it was due time someone spoofed the popular intro. Being a fan of darker humor, he edited the classic moment when Rafiki lifts Simba up into the air in front of the entire jungle.

Instead of holding the new prince of the jungle up high, viewers are shocked to see Rafiki throw Simba off of Pride Rock. But it seems the Web appreciates dark humor as the new clip is now going viral. 


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Jun 252013

NSFW Warning – Language, Content

 Thug Notes is a brand new YouTube channel parodying the popular Spark Notes summaries every high school students uses to aid their book reporting. 

As their name suggests, they put a ‘thug’ twist on the concept. 

Their first two videos, offering the Thug Notes on the classic English novels Crime And Punishment and The Great Gatsby, went nearly unnoticed after their debut, standing with only 90,000 views combined today. 

But their latest episode, where Sparky Sweets offers a summary of the classic book To Kill A Mockingbird, has exploded online just this week.

Already, the parody video has amassed over a quarter million views, and is featured on  TheDailyWhat, TheFW, DailyOfTheDay, and TheAwesomer


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Jun 242013

Covering a pop song alone by using fancy editing techniques is one of the most popular forms of covering music online. When done correctly, it can make for a truly inspiring cover.

But still, it gets old after a while. How many times can you watch your favorite song regurgitated following the same recipe over and over?

To poke fun at this phenomenon, Mark of The Key Of Awesome and Barely Political made this hilarious I’m Playing All Of The Parts one man pop cover parody, in which he mocks the standard formula of one man playing all the parts of a song.


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