Sep 092013
Westboro Mingle Parody Online Dating Commercial

ChristianMingle is a great site for like-minded Christians looking to date, but what about members of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church? How will they find their partners for life?

Luckily The Shorts Show Comedy Brooklyns Worst thought of everything when making this parody commercial promoting a WBC dating site appropriately called Westboro Mingle

The mock commercial was actually made in January, but is trending again now. 


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Sep 082013
Men Do Makeup With Michelle Phan

Make up gurus are huge on YouTube, and Michelle Phan is one of the top in the field. As a fun gag, three men of Mashable attempted to follow Phan’s instructions for smokey eye shadow. Already, the video has garnered over 400,000 hits over the weekend. 


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Sep 062013
Introducing iPhone 5S Parody Commercial

For years now, it has been blatantly obvious that Apple has run out of ideas. 

So it’s no surprise that no one really seems all that enthused after the recent announcement of the new iPhone 5S and 5C.

To demonstrate just how how out of ideas Apple is, Matthias has made a spoof Apple commercial touting the lack of innovation of the newest smartphones in the popular series.


Thanks for the submission, Alex. 

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Sep 052013
It Gets Better Parody For Single People

The It Gets Better campaign has helped, motivated, and inspired countless young people that their rough life in high school will ultimately get better. They just have to push through the darkness. 

Now that the trend has died down, Nice Piece Productions has just debuted this hilarious parody aimed at emboldening lonely single people. 

Are you miserable, and alone, with no one there to greet you when you get home? Well, it does get better. Now, you can poo with the door open and put that dirty spoon back in the kitchen drawer. There’s no one to complain about it. 


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Sep 042013
Android KitKat Commercial

As a great way to promote their new operating system and continue their pattern of naming them after candy, Android has teamed up with unlikely ally Kit Kat to name their newest OS after the popular Nestle bar. 

To announce the new marriage, KIT KAT posted this commercial touting the new OS while also poking fun at Apple’s pretentious style of marketing.

The video is further reviewed on ABCNews, CNet, and TheVerge


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