Mar 132013

Re-imagining popular contemporary TV shows as what they might have looked like had they been released in the 90′s has become a popular trend.

The Walking Dead was just re-imagined in the 90′s, and that parody stands with over 1.3 million views.  

Now, HBO‘s popular Game Of Thrones has received a beautiful 90′s treatment by hunterlsanders, and is going viral. 

YouTuber TheInstantClassic1 is an obvious fan of the 90′s spoofing, and says “Poor picture quality, over saturated colors, cheesy 90s sitcom music?! F*** YES, ITS THE 90S BABY!!!!”


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Mar 132013

HBO’s popular new show Game Of Thrones continues to trend online. While waiting for new episode, fans are enjoying this new School Of Thrones parody, which re-imagines the fictional world of Westeros as a high school.

The first episode of the spoof series has already accumulated over 600,000 views, and is featured on Time, DallasNews, and TheStir


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Mar 062013

Goes To Eleven is unabashedly obsessed with the 90′s. They specialize in recreating 1990′s style introductions to popular shows of today. 

The first video to go viral is their spot on 1995-style introduction for The Walking DeadIt’s got everything. The ubiquitous fuzziness of a recorded VHS tape. The cheesy cop drama music. It just screams 90′s. What’s on next? ER and Friends?

Now, the week old parody video has collected over 735,000 hits, and is featured on CollegeHumor, Canada, and LaughingSquid


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Mar 052013

Back in the summer of 2011, a slew of famous golfers teamed up to star in a just-for-fun music video that parodied the pop music genre. They called themselves Golf Boys, and the song was appropriately titled Oh, Oh, Oh.

Now, over a year later, the crew is back for another ridiculous serving of musical mayhem. Their newest ‘hit,’ 2.Oh, has already accumulated over 800,000 views, and is featured on MashableYouTubeTrends, CBSNews, YahooSports, and CNN


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Mar 042013

Most people had a few ideas what they would do with the new Google Glass device after seeing the new breathtaking commercial for the head worn augmented-reality computer.

Artists can now take photographs in ways never before possible. Drivers will never have to look around, even at a GPS device, for directions. And one can only imagine how sports will end up. 

But what will most dudes use Glass for? Well, if men are anything like Dartanion London thinks they are, they will probably wear Glass to their first date, and use the device just like in this newly trending video


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