Apr 032013

Last year, Canadian airline West Jet went viralviral with their hilarious April Fool’s video featuring Child-Free Flights. That video currently stands with over 700,000 views

Now, the comedians at West Jet’s marketing department have gone viral again this April Fool’s offering a new special “furry families” program.

Animal lovers will no longer be required to kennel their pets. So bring the whole family aboard. Including Betsy. 

Already, this year’s gag commercial has collected over 400,000 hits


Thanks Shawn!

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Apr 032013

NSFW Warning – language 

Fitzthistlewits published this sarcastic review of the game of the chess back in December, but it continues to trend now with over 75,000 views

The narrator explains the popular board game in a similar fashion to the popular True Facts series. As in, he lists off a slew of completely incorrect information and passes it on as valuable knowledge. 


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Apr 012013

The official YouTube channels for Google, YouTube, and Google Maps have all made hilariously nerdy April Fool’s videos for their users to enjoy over the popular Internet holiday that falls on the first of the month. But what about Gmail, Google’s famous email service?

Thankfully, Google didn’t forget, and made this April Fool’s commercial Introducing Gmail Blue. And it’s exactly as it sounds. Now, everything you love about Gmail stays the same, but with a blue twist. Already, the new spoof video has collected over one million views.


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Mar 312013

YouTube has kicked off Aprils Fools‘ online with this hilarious video, YouTube’s Ready To Select A Winner. The YouTube staff announces that this entire time, YouTube was simply a contest to find the best video in the world. Now, after reviewing the billions and billions of videos, they are ready to pick the winner. 

Many YouTube celebrities cameo in the April Fools’ video, including The Fine BrosAntoine Dodson, and iJustine.


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Mar 312013

Filmingo Films has gone viral with this ingenious parody of one of the countless documentary TV shows focused on a person struggling with an addiction. 

But after a minute into The Struggle: A Man Facing Addictionviewers realize the star of the short film isn’t addicted to drugs or alcohol as it may seem from his conversation and demeanor. 

No. Instead, this man is struggling with the addiction of ‘put-pocketing,’ also known as ‘reverse pick pocketing.’ He spends hours everyday planning how on putting his money into the pocket’s of other people. It ain’t an easy living. 

In a calculated cliche ending, the focus of the video closes with, “There’s no stopping now. I’m too far in. There’s no getting out now. And frankly, I dunno if I wanna get out.”


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