Apr 022014
Alternate ‘Gravity’ Scene Featuring Superman Is Awesome

Krishna Shenoi reports the shocking news that Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron originally shot this much different opening scene for the famous film Gravity. Sadly, Warner Brothers turned their backs on Superman

It was really nice of Superhuman to help Sandra Bullock, except that it was also his fault the accident occurred in the first place. 


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Mar 302014
What The Facebook Oculus Rift Will Look Like

The gaming and tech community was shocked when Facebook announced they purchases virtual reality company Oculus Rift.

Most fans are worried that Facebook will ruin the exciting new company, peppering it with social media ads, messages, and other nonsense.

Marc Tschudi made this humorous video depicting what the gameplay on the new Facebook Oculus Rift might look like. You better be ready to pay for FarmCoins. 


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Mar 302014
Louis CK Stars In Black Jeopardy

Saturday Night Live is famous for their classic Celebrity Jeopardy skits from the past. They’ve changed things up this weekend with Black Jeopardy

Naturally, celebrity guest Louis CK stars in the sketch as the awkward professor in African-American Studies.  


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Mar 262014
Band Turns Happy Songs Sad And Sad Songs Happy With Simple  Trick

What makes a happy song ‘happy’ and a sad song ‘sad’?

The music masters of Schmoyoho, aka The Gregory Brothers, have figured out how to change a happy song into a sad one and vice-versa, just by slightly altering the tempo and key, and changing the music video. 

Listen as they transform Dark Horse and Dream On into happy tunes, while turning Empire State and Happy into sad songs. 


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