Nov 142013
Alfonso Cuarón’s IKEA Trailer Spoofs Gravity

Getting lost in IKEA is like getting lost out in space. To make matters worse, cell coverage is really bad too.

After getting lost one too many times at the modern Swedish interior design warehouse, Daniel Hubbard had an epiphany, and made this humorous trailer for an IKEA-themed parody of the popular Alfonso Cuarón science fiction thriller Gravity.

The video has just gone viral with over 250,000 hits!


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Nov 082013
Thor As A Romantic Comedy Trailer Spoof

Jimmy Kimmel admits that though the endless stream of superhero movies have been doing well at the box office, studio execs are trying to lure more women to the nerdy-action movies.

So to help them out, Jimmy and his crew made this trailer parody for Thor: The Dark Work as a romantic comedy. 


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Nov 032013
What Does My Girl Say SNL Ylvis Parody Music Video

Like nearly everyone else, this week’s SNL host, Kerry Washington, is sick of What The Fox Say by Ylvis.

But when she catches her boyfriend, played by Jay Pharaoh, texting with another girl, she can’t help but walk away, prompting him to break out into a hilarious spoof of the viral meme, What Does My Girl Say

NBC just posted the hilarious parody from this week’s episode of SNL, which has understandably gone viral already. 


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Nov 012013
Epic Star Wars-Nintendo Mash Up Animation

James Farr is geeky mash up master.

He loves mashing up classic nerd favorites with Nintendo characters and references, such as his Teenage Mutant Koopa Troopas and Super Mariobusters fusion videos. 

He has returned with his most epic synthesis yet, seamlessly blending the Star Wars and Nintendo universes together to produce a nerd’s dream.

How many Nintendo references can you count?


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Nov 012013
If No One Came To The Monster Mash Music Video

Everyone knows the classic Monster Mash Halloween tune, but what would happen if none of the other zombies, ghouls, and witches showed up?

College Humor wondered just that, and put together this music video parodying the popular holiday monster song, titled If No One Came To The Monster Mash


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