Feb 092013

The Pet Collective is known for their adorable pet-themed parodies of pop songs and viral music videos

Macklemore’s Thrift Shop continues to trend online, standing with over 90 million views! So for their newest pet spoof, the pet loving crew went to the Pet Shop to adopt some pups. 

‘This is ruffing awesome!’


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Feb 062013

Besides for pop music, there’s really not much out there in music land that is less inspiring and creative than ‘worship’ music. And Blimey Cow wants everyone to know the truth. 

So they created this How To Write A Worship Song tutorial with all the industry secrets for a home-run spiritual song.


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Feb 052013

The Key Of Awesome of Barely Political is the comedy group famous for their hilarious pop music video parodies. For their latest spoof, they took on One Direction‘s newest hit single Kiss You. In less than a week, the parody has already amassed over half a million hits


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Feb 042013

It seems the web will never tire of seeing the president star in lip dub parodies. The latest piece by lip dubbing specialists Barack’s Dubs takes a turn down the nerdy lane, and seemingly shows Barack Obama ‘singing’ the video game famous Pokemon theme song. 


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Feb 032013

Sesame Street has been known to parody adult-focused TV shows to keep parents just as entertained as the kids. For their latest spoof, they have taken on the new British drama Downtown Abbey in Sesame Street: Upside Downton Abbey. Just over the weekend, the new muppet parody has garnered over 400,000 views


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