Oct 292012

World famous Hollywood movie director Joss Whedon, best known for recently working on The Avengers, has stepped into the political boxing ring.

Like most of Hollywood, he leans left, so to make the point for Obama, he sarcastically explains that a vote for Republican nominee Mitt Romney would basically be a vote for the zombie apocalypse. With all the cuts to women’s healthcare, social services, and regulations, it’s a perfect recipe for a zombie take over.

The brand new video has instantly gone viral, already amassing over one million hits. The political satire is further featured on TheAtlantic, TheDailyWhat, Slate, and NYDailyNews


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Oct 282012

Gangnam Style is one of those Internet phenomenons which don’t just go away that quickly. The latest to jump on board the parody wagon is .

A group of fun loving students spoofed the original viralviral music video like so many before them, with special cameos from professors such as Noam Chomsky. Already, the new music video has over 110,000 views, and is featured on TheDailyWhat, MetaFilter, and Neatorama


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Oct 252012

In honor of Halloween,  has joined in the fun and made a special spooky spoof of their popular Modern Family series. All the big faces star in this mock horror movie trailer that tells the story of a tiny town being haunted by a creepy clown. The video is already covered on HuffingtonPost, TheFW, and Blippitt


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Oct 242012

The presidential debates are finally over, so the Internet famous Gregory Brothers can finally stop ‘songifying‘ them. And they’ve gone out with a bang, as their parody of the third and final debate has instantly gone viral after being  featured on the NewYorkTimes.


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Oct 232012

Christmas and Halloween light shows have grown from a viral video or two years ago into its own genre online. This year, the obvious pop song of choice is Ganganam Style from South Korea

 seems to be the first to go viral with a Halloween light show parodying PSY‘s hit single, and is already featured on TheHighDef and StuffIStole.


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