Feb 092014
Walter White Facebook Look Back Movie

By now, most users are tired of the nostalgic Facebook Look Back videos that litter their Newfeeds.

But Breaking Bad fans are loving this parody Look Back video by Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues that shows what Walter White’s Look Back would look like if he had a Facebook account. 

The video has garnered over 350,000 hits over the weekend. 


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Feb 082014
False Advertising Industry Reveals The Truth Behind ‘Natural’ Labels At The Grocery

Have you noticed that more and more foods and products at the grocery now have ‘Natural’ stamped all over them?

But here’s the trick. ‘Natural’ doesn’t legally mean anything at all. 

Only Organic explains the tricks of the False Advertising Industry in this new viral video

The video has amassed over 400,000 hits, and is featured on 22Words, DailyPicks, and TastefullyOffensive


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Feb 072014
Toddler On SportsCenter Spoof Is The Cutest

Taylor Stephens made this adorable spoof of the SportsCenter top ten, integrating his nephew into the countdown. 

His young nephew scored his first shot in junior-little league basketball, so Taylor cut the footage with some SportsCenter hoopla for the cutest bit of posterity ever. 

The video has already amassed over 375,000 hits!


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Feb 052014
Try Not Having Kids Spoof Pharmaceutical Commercial

Is everyone around you having kids? Do you feel pressured and overwhelmed? Well, you don’t have to give in to the peer pressure. 

Try the new product from Jason Messina called Not Having Kids. Though there are some side effects, such as deathbed regret, Not Having Kids can help you achieve personal happiness, as well as keep your bank account lush. 


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Feb 052014
Do You Want To Be My Boyfriend Frozen Parody

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner? Do you have a boyfriend?

If not, just follow the lead of Barkada Inc, find your man, and sing this spoof of Frozen‘s hit song Do You Want To Build A Snowman to him. He surely won’t be able to refuse. 


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