Oct 252013
TED Talk For Zombies Parody

The much anticipated Apocalypse has finally come!

Now that the zombies have taken over in its wake, the zombies need innovative ideas to hunt down their human prey more efficiently. 

Thankfully Official Comedy has introduced DED Talks, the new undead version of the trendy TED Talks, just in time for Halloween


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Oct 232013
Lorde Royals Parody By Key Of Awesome

Now that Royals by Lorde has officially taken the web by storm it’s time for the parodies.

It’s no surprise the spoof masters at The Key Of Awesome and Barely Political are one of the first to step up to the plate to deliver this new music video mocking Lorde’s hit song and video. 


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Oct 222013
If Beer Commercials Were Honest Parody


Let’s face it. Of all the lies and trickery in advertising, beer commercials stand in their own realm.

That amazing party where everyone is good looking, smiling, hooking up, and drinking your favorite budget beer? Ya, you’re never gonna find that party because it doesn’t exist. 

Humor site Cracked is sick of the breweries’ deception, so they made this much more honest beer ad that is now trending. 

Ahh, nothing like a bottle of addictive liver-brain poison after a hard day’s work. 


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Oct 202013
The Shining As An 8-Bit RPG Video Game

Movie obsessed CineFix is well known for their geeky ‘8-bit cinema’ parodies where they re-imagine classic movies with an old school video game twist.

In honor of Halloween, the crew took on the famous horror flick The Shining, envisioning the movie as a classic RPG. The spoof video has been trending over the weekend, and has amassed over 250,000 views so far!


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Oct 172013
Tinder The Movie Trailer

Back when Facebook was still cool, and The Social Network was all the buzz, countless spoofs and parodies of the film naturally emerged online.

Now, Bad Weather Films is bringing the trend back to parody the new hot social-app on the streets, Tinder, with the same feel and ambiance as the original trailer for the Facebook flick. 

The new video is already featured on Digg, TastefullyOffensive, WhatsTrending, and EliteDaily


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