Mar 212014
Teens Migrating From Facebook To Comments Section Of Slow-Motion Deer Video

Studies show that more and more teenagers and young people are leaving Facebook, but where are they going?

You may be surprised to learn they are going to the comment section of a YouTube video of a deer running in slow motion.

Of course this ‘news’ is a spoof of real life by mock news agency The Onion, but it’s scary and hilarious how realistic this latest report sounds. 


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Mar 202014
First Gay Hug Spoofs First Kiss

The Twenty Strangers Kiss viral video has become a YouTube phenomenon with over 65 million hits

Instead of asking strangers to kiss, the Unsolicited Project parodied the popular video by asking homophobes to hug a gay stranger.

In less than a week, the video has gone viral with over 1.5 million views!


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Mar 132014
First Sniff Is The Puppy Dog Parody Of First Kiss

Even though it’s a marketing ploy, First Kiss has become an instant viral video phenomenon, garnering over 42 million views.

Bosh was quick to offer this adorable parody, featuring ‘stranger’ dogs ‘kissing’ the way only dogs can for the first time. Naturally, the spoof is titled First Sniff


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Mar 132014
Black Simon And Garfunkel Sing ‘Royals’ By Lorde

One of Jimmy Fallon‘s most popular segments on Late Night was Black Simon and Garfunkel, comprised of Questlove and Kirk Douglas of Jimmy’s house band The Roots.

The two would cover pop songs as Simon and Garfunkel would, and always end with a mandatory “li-li-li, crash, li-li-li-li-li-li-li, li-li-li, crash…” made famous from The Boxer

Finally, Jimmy has brought the duo back for the first time on The Tonight Show to perform a chilled out version of Royals by Lorde. 


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Mar 122014
Can’t Remember To Forget Spoof

Shakira and Rihana’s latest hit Can’t Remember To Forget has over 190 million hits

That makes it a perfect specimen for parody specialist Key of Awesome and Barely Political to cover. In their silly spoof, the two pop stars sing about getting lost in Shakira’s house and a magical bullfrog.


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