Jan 232014
‘Help Me’ Pop Song Seems To Parody Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been in the news more recently for serious mischief bordering on crime. Now, he has just been arrested on DUI charges.  

Trevor Moore of The Whitest Kids U’ Know seems to poke fun at Bieber’s legacy as a young pop prince who is forced to perform and make the studios big money in this new music video, titled Help Me


Via TastefullyOffensive

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Jan 232014
‘Mean Cats’ Is The Adorable Kitty Parody Of ‘Mean Girls’

After viral hits like Toy Story Kitten Version and If HBO’S “Girls” Were “Cats” Parody, pet obsessed The Pet Collective is continuing their popular animal parodies. 

This time, they turn to the 2000′s catty high school film Mean Girls.

It makes perfect sense for cats to play the part.


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Jan 212014
Vsauce Parody

Michael of VSauce is one of YouTube’s most popular eccentric educators. His videos are easily recognizable to any regular viewer for their one of a kind style and atmosphere.

Jack’s Films made this humorous VSauce tribute that pokes fun at Michael’s editing habits and routine while still honoring his show.


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Jan 212014
Dragon Ball Z Fight In Real Life

Popular YouTuber Nigahiga is a huge fan of Dragon Ball Z.

He has always wanted to spoof the prominent Japanese anime series, and after a lot of hard work has finally debuted this hilarious parody that even viewers unfamiliar with the show are enjoying.


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Jan 162014
Bad British NFL Football Commentary

The Exploding Heads has gone viral in the past with their hilarious British commentary on American sports. They’ve amassed over 2 million hits with their British Baseball Commentary and British Basketball Commentary spoofs combined.

Now, they have returned in time for the Superbowl with Bad British NFL Commentary


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