Jan 282014
‘Official Lyric Video’ Spoofs All Lyrics Music Videos

You know that feeling too well. While surfing online, you’re thrilled to discover your favorite band or artist has just debuted a new music video!

But wait! It’s not a real music video, it’s just an ‘official lyric video.’

What a let down. 

Comedy channel Barely Political pokes fun at all lyrics videos in this new hilarious parody, appropriately titled Official Lyric Video


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Jan 282014
The Secrets To Buzzfeed’s Success

Even those who hate BuzzFeed often find themselves reading some list the popular site created that matches their interests. 

That’s their secret formula to Internet success.

Lists. Lots and lots of them!

Nacho Punch explains the secret sauce to BuzzFeed’s success in this spoof list video, 21 Secrets to Buzzfeed’s Success


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Jan 272014
Finding Nemo Cute Kitten Version

The animated Pixar film Finding Nemo is an adorable heartbreaker. But The Pet Collective has figured out how to make the story even more precious. 

The pet group performed their magic and now viewers can’t help but grin at this parody featuring kittens in place of fish. 


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Jan 262014
Spike Jonze’s “Me” Parodies “Her”

SNL guest hots Jonah Hill stars in this humorous spoof of the new Spike Jonze film Her

Instead of a guy falling in love with his operating system with a woman’s personality, Jonah falls in love with his OS that sounds strangely like himself. 


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Jan 242014
Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL Part 2

Bad Lip Reading, the Web’s most popular lip dub parody channel, has been on hiatus for quite some time. But they have returned just in time for the Superbowl with this second dose of their hilarious Bad Lip Reading Of The NFL.

As expected, it has instantly gone viral!


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