Apr 162014
If Mini-Gold Were Broadcast Like The Masters

Fans take golf really serious. But it can quickly become dull for the rest of us. Ironically, mini-golf putt-putt can be much more exciting. 

That’s why Simon Connor imagined what mini-golf would look like if it were broadcast and taken as seriously as the golf Masters

Using a little CGI, putts at the Masters become mini-golf heaven! This parody clip has amassed over 400,000 hits over the past week. 


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Apr 102014
Jimmy Fallon And Stevie Nicks Recreate Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around Music Video

Jimmy Fallon loves going retro. What can he say? He is a child of the 80′s and 90′s. 

So when Stevie Nicks visited The Tonight Show, Jimmy couldn’t help but ask her to recreate the classic 1980′s music video Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around. Of course, Jimmy plays the part of Tom Petty. They even added the obligatory ‘shiny-grainy’ look that was typical of the early 80′s music videos.


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Apr 082014
Mom Makes Adorable Recreation Of Where The Hell Is Matt

Where The Hell Is Matt is one of YouTube’s original viral videos that began way back in 2006. Now, many years later, Debbe has recreated the dance around the world videos in the cutest way only an older mom can.

You go Debbe, you go!


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Apr 072014
Game Of Thrones Social Network Intro

The folks at the social network optimizing company Hoot Suite are huge fans of HBO’s popular show Game of Thrones.

In honor of the fourth season of the fantasy show, they created this parody of the legendary Game of Thrones intro integrated with famous social networking sites, like Twitter and Instagram. 


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Apr 022014
Alternate ‘Gravity’ Scene Featuring Superman Is Awesome

Krishna Shenoi reports the shocking news that Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron originally shot this much different opening scene for the famous film Gravity. Sadly, Warner Brothers turned their backs on Superman

It was really nice of Superhuman to help Sandra Bullock, except that it was also his fault the accident occurred in the first place. 


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